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You can make money teaching online and get one-on-one mentorship as you take the course, now! Others are doing it and so can you. Are you worried that teaching online may not bring in the money you wish to have?  Don’t let worrying stop you. According to Steve Jobs, worrying is part of the process and is not a bad thing, if you love what you do. Success comes from loving what you do, finding great people to join you, and not giving up when things get tough. Next, is online marketing. Online marketing is teaching! If you want to make money teaching online, you need to be passionate about what you are doing, have fun, and market your content for free for a start in order to get feedback from people so you can connect with them later on. But don’t get into the Multi Level Marketing (MLM) world as Chris Malta warns or George Machlan of Edupunk explains, just check out their strategies by reviewing their free content. Don’t be tempted to buy their products by the words they use to try and hook you. They’re good at convincing people to buy e-books and pamphlets. Some, like Liberty League are pyramid and scam organizations that eventually get sued. Just read and learn how they market their products. In most cases, how we say things may be more powerful than what we say as demonstrated in the video by Jevon Dängeli.

I’m going to share some of the people and organizations that helped me learn about online marketing. Success at online marketing or any other job or goal in life comes from being passionate about what you do and about people. Being a “people person” as George Machlan says is key.

In 2004, I met Richard McCllough, the founder and CEO of EN101. Richard  impressed me by his enthusiasm and passion for what he was doing; spreading the English language around the world and helping people make money in the process. Richard developed a win-win system whereby buyers become sellers and not only get back what they paid for, but make money in the process as they become business owners of an English learning product called EN101. The system is easy to follow because the marketing is embedded in EN101. Richard provides  you with videos on how you can succeed with online marketing which can take you beyond EN101 and into marketing your English courses. Richard has been making a difference in helping people make money and learn English at the same time worldwide. Steve Jobs was correct, all you need is a passion for what you do.

In 2006, I met Yorgo Nestoridis a Greek national who spoke perfect German and English. Yorgo is a genius in Internet Marketing. I learned everything I know about traffic from Yorgo. Through Yorgo and my involvement in En101, I met thousands of people who were into marketing. Each one led me to another. There’s a huge network out there waiting for you to tap into. So focus on your passionate and start building your online marketing strategies so you can make money online.

In 2007, I met Mark Cruthers online at a demo he was giving on WizIQ. I was very impressed by Mark’s passion for teaching with WizIQ. People who are passionate about what they do succeed in persuading others to join them. I have been teaching with WizIQ since 2007 and loving each and every class I give. I brand my online presence, provide content and develop relationships through WizIQ. Online presence is the key to online marketing. You can develop your online presence through social media such as Facebook, twitter (list of twitter accounts on google plus), and Linkedin (groups). In addition, you can create courses and charge money for the courses on WizIQ. The team at WizIQ care about the teachers who are members of WizIQ and support them in the process of developing courses and teaching through the online virtual classroom. As Kristen Winkler indicated many companies are not interested in whether teachers make money or not but I know for a fact that WizIQ wants teachers to make money online through their platform. WizIQ is interested in connecting teachers and  students through its system. The system at WizIQ provides teachers with all the tools they require to make money teaching online. Teachers You can learn to create, manage ,and promote their courses on WizIQ for free. WizIQ also provides its members with a social learning environment that goes beyond the virtual class as teachers and students connect and become learning communities.

In 2008, I met Dr. Wayne Mackintosh, the founder of WikiEducator and the brain behind the Open Education Resources (OER). I became very involved in adding content on Wikieducator and in OER. I started facilitating courses online and made quite a bit of money consulting for Commonwealth of Learning (COL). Wayne, got me lots of roles on Wikieducator. I got nominated as a member of the council and was the first CEO of the elections in 2008. You need to know how to recruit people so you can move the things you are passionate about (watch Steve Jobs video above). In addition, I was able to develop my own online presence through the roles I got on Wikieducator. It was a win-win situation as you can see from my user page. Finally, I watched and listened to Wayne as he marketed Wikieducator and the OER movement. Dr. Mackintosh is brilliant at online marketing because he has the passion and knows how to recruit organizations and great people to join him. I learned about the importance of repetition, using people’s words to market ideas, and how to collaborate through crowd sourcing.

In 2009, I met Louis George Machlan, an evangelist for WizIQ. George had  very encouraging words to say about many members at WizIQ including me. George took the trouble to provide me with very supportive feedback to a video I had created on being a teacher at WizIQ. I didn’t like the video very much and wanted to delete it, because of George and his kind words, the video remains. I learned a great deal from George. George gave the community at WizIQ new meaning. George is  passionate about WizIQ as a community builder that connects people for teaching and learning. George has called WizIQ the “Wealth Machine” because that’s what is brings him.

In 2010, I stumbled upon a book by Robin Sharma called The Leader Who Had No Title. The book changed my life in ways that are hard to describe. You will only understand what I mean by reading the book. I don’t read much unless it’s for academic purposes these days, but as the title indicates,  this is “A modern Fable on Real Success in Business and in Life”. I don’t feel connected to the author. In fact, I don’t like listening to his voice, but the book is powerful. I suggest you read it and learn about the importance of passion and how it can bring you wealth.

Learning comes from interacting with others. Pay attention to what others are saying. You may not like all of it, but everything is helpful, the pleasant and the less pleasant. You can make money online if you are passionate about it.

If you are interested, begin today by taking little steps;

  1. Write down your goals in a blog for everyone to view, publish it on your social networks and ask others to pass on the message.
  2. Look at your goals and write down what you do every day to reach those goals.
  3. Get ideas and read what others are saying. Chris Dawson posted a thought-provoking post on the business of education.
  4. Conduct a google search, learn about online marketing, and start marketing your courses, now.

Here’s a summary of the post:

  1. Learn from the best by watching how they do it.
  2. Do what worked for them.
  3. Find people who are just as passionate as you and collaborate.
  4. Blog and share your experiences.
  5. Create & teach your courses through WizIQ
Remember,  the connections you make  will move you forward.
Meeting after collaborating online

Nellie and Colleagues

Please add your feedback and spread the word to others. You may ask questions, add comments, or make suggestions. In addition, you may contact me for further information.

Dr. Nellie Deutsch has a doctorate in educational leadership with a specialization in curriculum, technology, and instruction. She conducts research and writes on fully online and blended learning programs, presents online and face-to-face at conferences, and organizes professional development workshops to educators worldwide. Nellie is passionate about learning and helping others reach their goals. She has a relationship-based learner-centred approach to life and learning. She consults, writes, and presents (face-to-face & fully online) on e-learning. She uses Moodle for her course management system and WizIQ education online to connect to colleagues and students in real time. Nellie is a faculty member of Atlantic University, the program coordinator at the World Association for Online Education (WAOE), on the program committee and reviewer at EdMedia, on the steering committee for computer assisted language learning interest section (CALL-IS) at TESOL International Association, manager, designer & lead facilitator of Moodle for Teachers (M4T) workshops at Integrating Technology for Active Lifelong Learning (IT4ALL). Nellie has been an ambassador to WizIQ since 2007. She organizes annual and tri-annual MOOCs such as Moodle MOOC in June, October, and February, Second Life MOOC in April, and Well-Being MOOC in September, online conferences such as CO09-CO14 on February, and Moodlemoot 2011-2014 in August that are sponsored by WizIQ.


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