10 Best Practices for Teaching/Training Organizations on WizIQ

Using WizIQ

Over 5,000 teaching and training organizations are successfully managing their online businesses using WizIQ LMS Software. With a fully-hosted, always on e-teaching platform, WizIQ integrates state-of-the-art technology with scalability and reliability, helping organizations realize long-term growth.

You don’t need a hosting server, hardware installations, software licensing upgrades, system management, or storage upgrades. Just sign up for an account, choose a subdomain on WizIQ, and co-brand it with your organization’s logo. Once that’s done, your personal teaching website goes live.

No strings attached. It’s risk free!

To help organizations get the most out of WizIQ, we’ve collected the following set of best practices. Adopt these and your online training/teaching business will soar:

 1. Choose the right URL

People need to be able to find you. Your site needs to be search engine optimized, and part of that’s having a name that’s highly relevant and easy to remember. Without both of these factors, you risk not showing up in searches, and traffic will suffer. When choosing a URL, your best option is to use your organization’s official name, or a name involving one of the subjects you teach. Once your URL is set, you get your very own teaching website on WizIQ, with your own subdomain. See an example here.

2. Co-brand your organization’s logo

Your logo is your organization’s identity. Since strategic marketing is the key to success, never miss a chance to showcase your logo! WizIQ allows you to co-brand your logo within the WizIQ Virtual Classroom. Just upload your logo as a jpg, jpeg, gif, or png file at 110 X 120 pixels for the best results.

co-brand virtual classroom

A quick recap:

1. Create a personal teaching website on WizlQ, like http://psysolution.wiziq.com/

2. Add multiple teachers to your personal teaching website, and enable them to deliver live classes in the WizlQ Virtual Classroom

3. Access responsive 1-business day support

4. Teach through an easy-to-use interface with straightforward navigation and intuitive controls

5. Administer multiple teacher accounts

6. Enable teachers to schedule and deliver classes

7. Upload content for teachers to use in classes

8. Manage post-class activities

9. Invite students to classes without requiring them to sign up with WizlQ

10. Access responsive 1-business day support

3. Fill out your organization’s profile

Enhance your credibility by entering detailed information about your organization. Fill in your subject matter expertise, experience, success records, and contact details. Doing so lets potential customers know exactly what you’re offering. Any information builds trust is good for your business!

4. Add your teachers and enable them to deliver classes

With separate accounts and Teacher console (see image below), your teachers can log in, schedule, and enter live classes. Let your teacher be the masters of their own classes. Set their permissions to schedule and deliver classes without having to wait for an administrator to set things up. You can still monitor their performance, if required, and take back permission anytime you want.

sub domain on WizIQ

5. Get your teachers WizIQ trained

Take advantage of the free WizIQ demo classes to train your teachers. WizIQ offers on-demand one-on-one training classes as well. Basic training will ensure your teachers use all of the online teaching tools we make available–like screen sharing, multiple whiteboards, 4-way live video streams, multi-way VoIP audio chat, the content library, the media player, etc.–to ensure an effective learning experience.

6. Allow students to enter your classes without signing up

Students at times get skeptical about joining a virtual class, especially when it requires registering on an unfamiliar site. Let your existing students attend the virtual classes on WizIQ without even signing up. They can simply follow the class link within your invitation. They don’t even need to join WizIQ, they can go directly to your site.

7. Upload content before your class starts

Make your classes teacher ready. Though your teachers can upload content on-the-fly within the virtual classroom, it’s better to be prepared. Upload class content at least 2 hours before class begins, especially with larger files, and the teaching experience will be much more stress-free. Even better, organize the files in your content library, creating folders that make it easy to navigate.

8. Record your classes

You receive threefold benefits by recording live classes on WizIQ. First, you can send your class recordings to students who weren’t able to attend. That way, students miss nothing because the recording captures everything that happens, even audio, video or YouTube video played!

Second, recording allows you to review how the class was taught, and give feedback to the teacher. Feedback helps maintain high teaching standards, and to identify issues before they become problems.

Finally, recording classes lets you make money while you sleep. Use the recordings to make an asynchronous, self-paced course to earn extra revenue and explore new markets.

9. Handle payments by integrated e-commerce

There’s no need to run after your students to collect fees. Add your PayPal or bank account to WizIQ, and enjoy benefits of integrated e-commerce. Students enter your class only after paying their fees, and the money is automatically transferred to your account. In short, complete hassle-free payment handling!

10. Advertise your organization on WizIQ

An organization’s success requires the right marketing strategies. WizIQ provides innumerable options to market your courses to targeted learners. With over 1 million active users, WizIQ is the right place to advertise your organization.

Marketing options include:

  • Giving free public classes to generate awareness about your expertise.
  • Actively participating in the e-teaching community
  • Connecting with students through Learner Connect
  • Listing your courses publicly through our online marketplace

Do all of these things, and you’ll start climbing the success ladder in no time!

A single tool with such comprehensive and useful features sounds like a dream come true, right?. Well, what are you waiting for? Request for a demo or contact our sales team and achieve the success that you and your organization deserve. Start with a 14 day free trial and see the results.


Gitanjali Banerjee

Gitanjali Banerjee studied International Relations from JNU, worked as a teacher, and then moved on to follow her heart. Juggled with freelance writing and blogging. She blogs avidly, loves to travel, read and cook. She used to be a writer at WizIQ.

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