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10 Business Applications of an Online Training Software System

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The online training software is rapidly being adopted by a number of businesses in diverse industries. There’s a good reason for that. It provides companies with an excellent way to help their employees learn everything they need to know. From sales training to collaboration and problem-solving, you can get just about anything you need from online training software. There are 10 main areas where businesses are using online training platform and eLearning.

  1. Sales Training: Salespeople are always on the move. Because they aren’t in one location all the time, eLearning comes as the best and most convenient option to train them. No matter where they are, they can still get the information they need. That can be vitally important to the quality they offer to your customers. They also have to be up to date on industry information. That is easier to do when they can get knowledge anywhere through eLearning. When you deliver learning through online training software, the sales force can:
    • Learn at a time that is convenient for them
    • Watch videos, read text, and even take assessments on-the-go
    • Get knowledge and certifications wherever they are
    • Keep current with the best practices in their industry
    • Keep up with their field even when they are traveling

    For anyone in sales, eLearning and online training can be good choices. You can actually help the entire sales force be more successful. Many online training options are available, and can go a long way toward improving your business.

  2. Compliance Training: Complying with a company’s requirements is vital for employees. Employees must also follow laws and regulations for their industry. Compliance training is used to educate employees on laws, regulations, and company policies that apply to day-to-day job responsibilities. The eLearning option can help with compliance by:
    • Providing employees with access to compliance information at all times
    • Letting employees interact through online means if they have questions
    • Clearly spelling out what needs to be done where compliance is concerned

    Employees who don’t comply with their employer or the legalities of their career may find their jobs in jeopardy. It’s important to make sure these employees have the opportunity to get compliance information. Even if they aren’t local to your company, they can get the information they need through eLearning.

  3. New Product Training
    With online options, you can train your entire product team and other teams including sales and marketing on a new feature or product, irrespective of their locations. This helps save precious man hours and travel expenses. It’s important to keep employees up to date on product development and new offerings. However, organizing physical training programs won’t be possible each time. This is where online training software can help. Consider that eLearning can:

    • Help your product team understand new product features
    • Allow your employees to stay up to date on everything offered
    • Ensure that your team complies with company requirements for products

    Understanding is a very important factor for any product team. They need to know all the details of the product. They also need to comply with any requirements the company has for the product. If they team isn’t all local, they can still learn all they need to know through online training.

  4. Partner Training: Your business eco-system consists of your partners, dealers, extended enterprises, small businesses, subsidiaries, employees, and customers. Upgrading their knowledge and skills has a direct impact on the bottom line of your business. An eLearning platform can help achieve all your partner learning objectives through:
    • Giving all partners a voice
    • Helping everyone understand what is needed
    • Ensuring that all partners can see the results
    • Determining which partnerships should be changed or dissolved

    By making sure partners have access to training, your partnership with them will be much stronger. Partnerships that don’t work well can also be discovered. That way, changes can be made. Those changes can benefit your company and its partners, so everyone sees a higher level of success.

  5. Extended Enterprise Training: Extending training to the enterprise level is extremely valuable to your company. That gives you the opportunity to train people outside of your organization who are associated with your company. Informing and training many different people on your products and services can really give your company a competitive advantage. Some of the people your business can train with online software include:
    • Dealers
    • Suppliers
    • Raw material providers
    • Resellers
    • Channel partners
    • Franchisees
    • Customers

    It isn’t always easy to train outsiders to your company. With an online training software, though, it is made much easier. For example, you could use eLearning to teach your customers how a new product can make living easy for them. You could also use online training software to give information about your company’s needs to suppliers, raw material providers, and more. That helps them offer your company what you really need, making the business transaction better for everyone.

  6. Technical Training: Many companies have very technical requirements. If your company is one of those, you want to make sure your employees are trained properly on the latest technologies. If they work remotely, though, getting them that knowledge can be difficult. Through online training, they can more easily learn programming skills, coding skills, and how-to information to perform their jobs more efficiently. The eLearning options can give them:
    • Access to real-time technical information
    • A way to keep their skills as strong as possible
    • Options to study and develop additional knowledge
    • Specs and other information they may need for their job

    Not every company is deeply technical, but almost every company uses technology. Because of the need for technological effort, companies that provide training for employees tend to be more successful. That’s very important to keep in mind when focusing on the value of technical training. Using eLearning can only increase the benefit to companies that need to offer technical training.

  7. Functional Training: The more employees can do for a company, the more they can help company be successful. Your employees need to understand the true function of their jobs, though. Without a good understanding of what they are doing and why, they may not perform as well as possible. Through eLearning, you can:
    • Showcase the role the employee plays in the company
    • Provide the employee with an understanding of their true job function
    • Help the employee maximize their role in the company

    Overall, your employees should understand the value of their job functions. They also need to know what all of those functions are, and how they relate to the company and other employees. With the proper usage of online training software, you can help them get the most from their careers. That will also provide your company with better, more skilled employees, which is a winning situation for everyone.

  8. Advanced Skills Training: Employees generally get hired because they have the right skills. However, skills become obsolete in two-three years time. Employees will need to upgrade their skills regularly, so they can remain useful for the organization. Additionally, acquiring new skills becomes necessary. By providing your employees with eLearning options, you can help keep their skills sharp. That benefits your company and your employees, because training existing employees is more cost-effective than hiring new workers and training them. With skills training through eLearning, you give your employees:
    • The chance to improve their skills
    • An opportunity to learn something new
    • Ways to better themselves personally and professionally
    • A chance to become more qualified for potential promotion

    Employees who learn advanced skills can help take your company to new heights. These employees can also come up with innovative ideas, and may help your business in unexpected ways. Teaching employees new skills is generally never wasted. The more advanced and skilled your employees are, the more they can offer your company.

  9. Collaborating and Problem-Solving Training: Getting along with people matters. Employees have to work with one another, and doing that well makes things easier for everyone. Employees may not be in the same geographical area, but they still need to collaborate with others and solve problems. If they have online training software, they can reach out to others and learn to work with them the right way. They can also learn valuable skills through eLearning, including:
    • The best way to deal with difficult co-workers
    • How to solve complex problems
    • Ways to think outside the box to handle issues

    Your employees must be able to solve problems. Whether they work with others to do that or handle things on their own, the skills to handle problems the right way are very valuable. Those skills can be taught through eLearning, so employees can learn in their own time. Making it convenient helps ensure that employees will be more likely to follow through with their training, as well.

  10. Induction Training: Bringing new employees on board takes effort. So does bringing onboard new suppliers, resellers, and others. With induction training, your company has more possibilities for giving those new people the information they need. The sharing of industry information, new trends, industry overviews, licenses and certificates, awards, company history, work ethics, and more can all be offered to anyone who needs it. Induction training through eLearning can be provided to:
    • New staff
    • New vendors
    • New resellers
    • New franchisees
    • New suppliers

    With the right induction training through eLearning, you can handle employee hiring and movement with ease. You can also make sure your vendors and others understand your company right from the very beginning. If you have a large or more global company, online training can be the best choice. It can reduce costs and training time, along with helping everyone involved learn what they need.

With so many good options for the use of online training, every company can benefit from what it has to offer. There are a number of ways it can be used, and most employees and others in the business sphere are receptive to it. It’s also an excellent way to keep a company moving forward. Helping employees and businesses stay relevant is a big part of the value of online training software.

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