10 Ways in Which Online Students are Being Engaged Right Now

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There is so much personality flowing out from the teachers and trainers who use WizIQ, that learners cannot help but feel eager to learn.

WizIQ is a busy place. There is a lot of fantastic teaching going on, from Elementary and Middle School Biology to Organic Chemistry, Technology and Programming Online to Online Language Learning; you name it. As an online teacher, I am always on the lookout for new ideas about what to teach. With WizIQ, the opportunities for dynamic online teaching that are available are simply amazing. Here are 10 ways in which online students are being engaged right now on WizIQ by some extraordinary teachers.

  1. Interactive Courses for the Little Kids – Elementary and middle school children have a lot of opportunities to learn on WizIQ.  Teachers have developed courses for kids from Kindergarten to the 4th grade (K-4) such as Focus on Elementary Astronomy.” Through 11 live classes, 11 recordings and a host of activities that make use of the WizIQ Virtual Classroom’s real time desktop, whiteboard and document sharing, the creative teacher of this series is using WizIQ to teach kids how to observe the night sky and design models of the moon and planets in our solar system. If that wasn’t enough, K-4 courses on elementary chemistry, physics and biology are also on offer. Do you have subject matter that little kids can benefit from, whether they are home-schooled or just eager to learn more? If so, designing these types of courses may be just right for you.
  2. Introductory Science and Math for Middle and High School Kids
    Perhaps your expertise is a little more complicated. Maybe you know a lot about the human brain or about the disruptions in the earth’s core caused by dormant and active volcanoes. WizIQ has teachers who offer eLearning courses that cover those topics. One such course is taught by a neuroscientist, Dr. Jennifer Wilson, who believes strongly that specialized training can bring something extra and valuable to the science learning. If you have a passion for introductory science, and a creative enthusiasm for developing resources for middle and high school kids, WizIQ can provide you with the right platform to make your expertise available.
  3. College Courses on a Variety of Topics – College students can find a lot on offer at WizIQ as well. From writing to probability to engineering mathematics and programming, WizIQ teachers are helping college students to refresh their learning prior to taking courses at a face-to-face school, or to get a head start on a difficult subject by attending live classes and working through the tutorials and activities prepared by qualified teachers. Take a look at what’s on offer and see if your discipline is missing. Perhaps you are knowledgeable about sociology or electrical engineering, and you see an opportunity to put your knowledge to work. If yes, WizIQ can provide you a way to do that.
  4. Adults Doing Test Preparation for Future Career Development-WizIQ has so many practical uses for learners: test preparation is one of them. Are you experienced with such tests as the GRE, TOEFL, SSAT, ISEE, SAT, IAS and CAT? Do you believe you have an idea for teaching what is needed for licensure and certification in a field that’s not covered on the WizIQ courses site? With live lectures in the WizIQ virtual classroom, downloadable books, activities designed to teach and strengthen test-taking skills, you can design a course that greatly increases the odds of success when test-taking time rolls around for your students.
  5. Language Learning– There’s probably no other category so large on WizIQ than online language learning. Tamil, Sanskrit, French, English, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin, Arabic, Turkish, Korean, Russian, and Urdu: If there is a language out there that somebody wants to learn or needs to learn, WizIQ probably has a course for that. But don’t think that the market has been exhausted. Language learners love to explore specialized courses that teach the language they are interested in with a focus on what they need. So while there are courses for tourism and travel, for business relationships, for literature learning and for full conversation, there are many other special situations for language use. Perhaps you have expertise in medical language, or academic language, street slang or the language of sports. Many of you are native speakers and have a great idea for a perfect way to introduce language learners to the culture in your country. The WizIQ Virtual classroom can help you do that. Create a course and add it to the WizIQ course list. Your own love of learning and talent for communication will find a home on WizIQ!
  6. Computer Languages– Programming language courses are also available. WizIQ students can learn C++, Java and PHP programming, as well as how to design apps for iPhone and Android, servlets and applets, not to mention learn to manage a Linux system. If you have a particular skill in computer sciences, or would love to help budding programmers develop something wonderful and new, there’s a WizIQ tool for that. Use the Virtual Classroom for live, online lectures. Fill up the Coursefeed with tutorials and hints. Create a test for the learners and assess their analytical skills. Share your passion with students who can’t wait to learn.
  7. Arts and the Humanities– Children and adults alike can learn about music and photography and explore history and philosophy from the Ancient Greeks to the modern era. Right now on WizIQ there are courses as diverse as Warli painting for adults and children, using Scrivener and other software for writers, not to mention digital art and screen-writing. In fact, the writing courses are really numerous. Learners are discovering the best way to write essays. They are attempting academic articles, or discovering the necessary skills for an effective doctoral dissertation. Many are taking basic courses on grammar, constructing a paragraph, or writing an autobiographical piece. Still there’s room for more! Maybe you have a particular talent for writing humor, for crafting a family history that is as exciting to read as a great novel. Perhaps you have a talent for dialogue. Setting up a WizIQ course that offers the benefit of your strategies to others is easy and fun! Let out your creative streak and design a beautiful course!
  8. Practical Skills for Living Life Well– WizIQ courses also cover practical skills that make life easier. Perhaps you have lost weight, or managed stress in your own unique way, or have a great way to introduce a new and healthy diet for your family. Check out the courses that are already on offer and see if you become inspired enough to set up your own course. Maybe you have a knack for crafting great activities to help your children find new ways to play and learn at the same time. Perhaps you have a medical skill like the woman who teaches midwifery on WizIQ. Perhaps home care or nursing children through the common diseases is an area you know well. There is so much you can teach on WizIQ!
  9. Feeding Your Learner’s Soul– Even though there are so many wonderful courses with practical purposes, WizIQ teachers are also ready to help you feed your soul. Spiritual courses range from learning about traditional world religions to the exploration of dreams, meditation, and intuition. Has your journey made you conscious of how important it is to understand yourself? Have you learned over the years how to dig deep into yourself, to weather the hard times and appreciate the best? Just like Linda Kay Silva who teaches her students to write from the soul, perhaps there is something deep and real and truly spiritual that only you can share.
  10. The Most Important Way WizIQ Engages Online Learners– The most important way WizIQ teachers engage online learners is the manner in which they teach. The Virtual Classroom affords a great deal of opportunity for face-to-face interaction with people from all over the world. There is so much personality flowing out from the teachers and trainers who use WizIQ — whether it is through audio or video contact, or in the use of the Coursefeed social media tools — that learners cannot help but feel eager to learn. You can add to that! You can join the community, your special expertise, your well-crafted system, your passion for a subject matter: these are things that you can add to the mix on WizIQ. And you don’t have to worry: help is always available. Not only can you find inspiration among the teachers who are already using the Virtual Classroom to its fullest, but the very helpful and considerate WizIQ staff are always there to make you feel appreciated.

Busy and connected, WizIQ’s global community of teachers and learners is a wonderful place to be.


Dr. Nancy Zingrone

Dr. Nancy Zingrone has a PhD in psychology from the University of Edinburgh and an MSEd in Higher Education from Northern Illinois University. She is passionate about online education, having learned a significant amount of what she knows about teaching online from the incomparable Dr. Nellie Deutsch and the wonderful folks at WizIQ. Her work background includes more than twenty years in personal and individual differences research, publishing, higher education administration, and adult education.

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  1. WizIQ is certainly a busy place. I spend about 16/24 on WizIQ education online and love the experience. You’re invited to join my fully online courses on TESOL, LEO, and teaching & learning online on WiZiQ.

  2. WizIQ is certainly a busy place. I spend about 16/24 on WizIQ education online and love the experience. You’re invited to join my fully online courses on TESOL, LEO, and teaching & learning online on WiZiQ.

  3. I’ve SAID it BEFORE and I’ll SAY it AGAIN:
    There’s SO much we can DO in WizIQ, my FRIENDS!

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