12 Ways Your Charter School Can Benefit from the WizIQ LMS

A good Learning Management Systems (LMS) makes life easier for teachers, students and parents. An LMS organizes materials, facilitates communication and provides assessment tools, among other things. However, an LMS is often expensive, requires cumbersome downloads and needs constant attention to be integrated into the culture of the school.

The WizIQ LMS has everything that a Charter School needs to meet the learning needs of a digital age. Since WizIQ is browser-based, there is nothing to install or maintain. Schools select a plan (or an individual teacher can get started with the free plan), teachers create accounts, enroll their students, and the LMS is ready to go.

How WizIQ LMS can help your charter school?

  1. Teachers can make educational videos and tutorials. Teachers do not need any special software or fancy equipment to create tutorials and educational videos. A laptop and a mic are all that they need. It is easy to start from scratch and even easier to upload and narrate PowerPoint presentations. There are well organized resources to teach you how to do this.
  2. Teacher can archive and curate their tutorial videos in the WizIQ content library. Whenever students need the lessons, they are there. Imagine if, instead of explaining how to use a semi-colon over and over, a teacher made a quick tutorial video. Then, she could quickly and easily assign a student the video that he needs to learn the topic. The teacher could even string together a series of tutorials and quizzes, so that students could progress at their own pace through a grammar course.
  3. Students can easily access these educational videos and tutorials. There is no longer any excuse for not learning. The tutorials are available for the kids to watch as many times as they need to in order to master the concepts.
  4. Teachers can use WizIQ to assess student achievement. WizIQ comes with testing tools, so that teacher can create their own tests and distribute them digitally to the students. The WizIQ test is integral to the educational platform- there are no further downloads or plug-ins.
  5. Administrators can use the WizIQ features to take staff communications online. Digital bulletin boards, calendars and automatic email forwarding make it easy for the staff to stay informed.
  6. Parent-teacher conferences can go digital: Teachers in many schools struggle to get parents to conferences. With WizIQ, you can bring the conferences to the parents. With a single click, parents can enter into live, real-time, interactive conferences. Do you need to bring together different teachers or therapists on the behalf of a struggling student? How much easier would that be if some of the teachers could attend remotely?
  7. Sick students can attend classes from home: Students who are ill need not fall behind. Even when they are contagious students can sit in on classes. Also, classes can be recorded to be watched later.
  8. Teachers can record lessons and leave activities for planned absences. WizIQ can make it easy for a sub. Teacher can have uploaded lessons for when they are absent. Students can do the lessons on their individual computers, or the sub can project the screen onto a whiteboard.
  9. Teachers can host virtual study sessions and test prep. Charter Schools often attract enthusiastic teachers who are eager to work extra so that their students can excel. Many charter schools host test-prep courses on Saturdays or extra help sessions in evenings. These meetings can occur online. Students no longer need to find transportation and teacher need not waste time commuting. The teachers can also prepare the courses to happen asynchronously, so students can progress at their own pace.
  10. Students can host virtual study sessions and test prep. Every school has a few go-getters who help their peers prepare for exams and complete their assignments. With the WizIQ system, the ambitious students can host study sessions from their own homes! The WizIQ system is easy enough for a high school student to master. A charter school could organize a group of students to be online mentors. With WizIQ, it is easy to record the sessions, so that there would be accountability and supervision.
  11. WizIQ can integrate with your current Student Information System (SIS). Sharing student data and enrolling students can be handled by administrators. As the systems are integrated, teachers do not need to maintain records in more than one system.
  12. WizIQ has multiple plans. Whether you are an individual teacher at a charter school looking to organize your materials or an administrator seeking a technological solution for your whole school, WizIQ has a plan for you. It is easy to start small. It is easy to start big. It is easy to start for free.

Let WizIQ Handle the Technicalities

The WizIQ Online Platform for Teachers and Learners creates intuitive, comfortable spaces for people to learn and share ideas. With its seamless browser-based technology, the WizIQ Online Platform is so elegant in its design that you won’t even know it’s there. No cumbersome software. No special skills. WizIQ makes it easy for everyone.

The WizIQ staff is ready to help the faculty and students of your institution to use the WizIQ system. We provide services to expedite the integration of WizIQ into your organization, including:

Live on-line training: We can help your teachers learn how to use your system with our live, online, interactive tutorials and demonstrations.

24/7 support: We also offer telephone and online chat support.

Contact us today

We can make your charter school hum! We would be happy to provide you with a personalized tour of our platform. We can be reached at support@wiziq.com.



I am a teacher, hiker, mother, dancer and home-maker. I have taught pre-school through SAT prep. I am exploring ways to create on-line learning communities for home-schooled middle school and high school students. In particular, I am starting a low-residency on-line middle school. I would like to help young people explore important ideas while enjoying their lives! You can learn more about my programs at www.onlineclassesforgroovykids.org.


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