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All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts

–  William Shakespeare

Video can help you to play many significant parts as a teacher of the digital age.

Are you comfortable on stage?

How about your students?

Human beings are delightfully creative and flexible. This should also be reflected in how we learn and how we deliver learning.

Video is our new stage; with exits and entrances alternating between staggering platforms of growth and inspiration.

As teachers in the digital age there are many reasons why we may want to record videos.

  1. To create asynchronous presentations for flipped learning and self-paced courses.
  2. To share news with our colleagues and personal learning networks.
  3. To create ”how-to” videos for our colleagues.
  4. To do more in less time.
  5. To create a multi-media rich digital footprint online.
  6. To have a self-created library of mp4 videos that can be embedded on different types of sites online – from our own websites and blogs to collaborative content management systems.

Recently in my role as Joint Content Editor for the IATEFL Learning Technologies Special Interest Group and Buzz Agent for DigELT2015, I decided to create an announcement using the WizIQ recorder.

This recorder is very simple to use for those of us who have content and courses on the WizIQ platform. The videos can also be downloaded into mp4 format and embedded wherever you want.

Have a look at this short announcement I created here in a matter of minutes.

  1. I installed the WizIQ Recordor onto my computer and then it automatically integrated with my PowerPoint application.
  2. Then I chose the presentation I wanted to talk about, clicked on the WizIQ Recorder icon, clicked on ‘record video’- the orange button on the far left.
  3. orangevideo

  4. After this go into the recording interface and a window pops up for you to synchronize camera and audio settings.
  5. setup

  6. Next Click the record button.
  7. clickred

  8. Wait for the 3-2-1 countdown and begin your talk. Click end when finished.
  9. Check preview then click “looks fine” if you are happy with it.
  10. Next you get a new pop up window which enables you to share on social media or by email. It also goes straight to your WizIQ content library and you can download it as an mp4. It can be embedded onto blogs ( as you can see here) and also onto You Tube, Vimeo etc.

What are the implications of using this simple tool?

  1. Full course content for students to access 24/7.
  2. Stylish presentations with integrated video for more personalized video instruction.
  3. Sharing on viral sites such as you Tube, Vimeo or Slideshare.
  4. Content to show on your website, blog and professional digital portfolio.
  5. Adding video-based skills to your professional repertoire.
  6. New way to market your courses to students.
  7. A video series for your LinkedIn profile to connect you with organizers who invite you to conferences.
  8. Original multi-media content for your personal learning networks and social media sites.
  9. Organic ways to experiment and fine-tune your own creativity.
  10. New ways to shape your courses through video-based instruction.
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