5 Signs It’s Time to Switch to a New LMS

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When you implemented your first learning management system (LMS), it seemed perfect, exactly what you needed. But you have evolved in all these years, so have changed your needs.  So, it’s time to say good bye to the old one and switch to a new LMS.

A new one will offer you more functionalities, more opportunities of interaction with audience, quicker ways to do things. It can take your training to the next level. The right choice can add real value for your company, but you need to know when the switch is worth the time and money needed to deploy a new LMS.

#5 Signs It’s Time to Switch to a New LMS

How do you know that yours is a software of pre-historic times and you must part ways with the old one? Here are the five most obvious signs showing it’s time for change.

  • User interface now looks outdated
  • The navigation is not easy
  • It’s difficult to add new features
  • It doesn’t have analytics
  • It doesn’t offer many collaboration opportunities
#1. The Interface Sucks

A poor interface is often the main reason to ditch your LMS. If you think it as just a way to make it look nice, you need to think again. An interface is the only way to guide the users through the learning process. And if the first step is not right, the whole process is doomed.

When users find it unattractive and difficult to use, they try refrain from it as much as they can. Also, an older interface often lacks the properties the tech generation currently associates with good design, including contextual graphics, realistic gestures and a general improvement on the user’s experience. These features are especially important to motivate them to use it.

How a new interface should be?

  • It must look easy-to-use. There’s a simple logic behind it. What looks easy-to-use gets used.
  • It must have all new features fully integrated inside it.
  • navigation should be easy. In fact, users must be able to look at all the options at the first glance.
#2. You keep hunting for buttons.

Another sign to ditch your old LMS. Hard navigation is a design flaw. It takes a long time to perform administrative tasks, such as managing content, registering learners, creating certifications and changing configuration settings. These tasks should require only a small portion of an LMS administrator’s time when the system has easy navigation. And more than anything, navigating through the content and other features should be easy for learners.

What to look for in a new one?

  • Display should be intuitive
  • Navigation controls that are easy for both users and managers
  • Dashboard should provide the user with a steady stream of information. 
  • Must have an in-built VC (virtual classroom) plug-in in the core system, enabling users use content and stream video without the need to install plug-ins
  • Should support new updates automatically. And this is possible only if it’s a cloud-based platform.
#3. Your LMS is Still of Desktop Age

If your employees are still deprived of learning on mobile, it’s a sign that you’re still operating in a pre-historic era. Learners want to have the resources available on any and every device, so that they can learn anytime, anywhere.

However, if ‘mobile also’ is your approach, think again. Support for mobile devices is a particularly important and is a standard feature for modern LMS software. Mobile devices with Internet access allow users to access their LMS from virtually any location.

What to look for in your new LMS?

M-learning! Many users in today’s companies don’t even have desktops or laptops at home and can only access the Internet through mobile devices. The lack of support for mobile devices will therefore prevent these users from accessing training materials.

Mobile learning is not only an upcoming trend. It’s a need. It will become increasingly important for both students and administrators in the times to come. So, it’s vital to ensure that the LMS provides robust access for tablets and smartphones. For even greater use, students should be able to access an LMS with wearable products such as smart watches and Google Glass.

#4. Getting Insights Is a Pain

How are you going to measure learning? An LMS that doesn’t allow users to gain insights is already obsolete. It’s time to ditch it, if it lacks adequate reporting and analytical tools. Even if it has a feedback mechanism, you must consider switching to a new one.

While user feedback on such a system may provide general data on the training direction, details will be impossible to determine just from feedback. An LMS with strong reporting features provides hard statistics regarding the benefits of the training programs and their degree of saturation throughout the company.

What to look for in a new LMS?

  • An LMS should also offer the data analysis capability needed to provide insights from big data.
  • Improve learning outcomes with better metrics that are presented in an appealing way.
  • It should include student indicators like engagement, progress and success.
  • The LMS metrics for administrators should provide them with insight into the students’ learning experience, especially the degree of exposure required for a successful outcome.
#5. It Doesn’t Support Collaborative Learning

If a tool doesn’t offer ample collaboration opportunities, it’s already an obsolete one. When your business operations are spread across the world and employees are working from faraway locations, it’s important to foster collaborative learning.

What to look for in a new LMS?

  • Social media plug-ins to present an opportunity for LMS users to work with each other.
  • A mix of synchronous and asynchronous communication modes
  • Break-out rooms for group discussions in real time
  • Group chat
  • Forums and wikis

Click here to know more what else a comprehensive collaborative LMS must have.

Does this seem daunting? If yes, you just have to take a simple step – Move to cloud-based comprehensive learning management system. No need for additional plug-ins. No huge upfront investment. No development and maintenance required. Simply buy it and get started. WizIQ makes it possible for you.

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