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6 Step Guide to Creating Your Own Online School

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Online education is undergoing a massive growth spurt. The number of students taking online classes increased 24% in the last year. And the numbers are only expected to climb.

This excitement, however, has not made the task of starting or creating an online school any less intimidating. Fortunately, for teachers wanting to start their own online schools, the resources available today are tremendous.

If you, too, are ready to create or start your own online school, here are the steps that guide you how to start an online school:

How to create an online course?

WizIQ’s online courses creation software lets you register and create one or more interactive courses. You can have an individual course or a series of courses, you can even create your own online teaching brand and invite other teachers to co-instruct your courses!

Few examples of the features that WizIQ offers are: interactive whiteboard, chat box, audio/visual capabilities, media player, a powerful content conversion engine, which supports PowerPoint presentations, PDF files and other content into the language of instruction, mobile access, online quizzes and tests, live discussions, question banks, and a lot more.

Connect with learners

Once you have your online course in place, reach and connect with learners across the globe, offer easy-to-understand curriculum, make them participate in the activities on virtual classroom and chat box, keep them engaged, convert them to loyal learners – ones who keep coming back to you to fulfill their ever-increasing learning demands!

Sell more than your courses

While education remains your primary goal, don’t forget the business aspect of your online teaching endeavor. Take to social media, organize fun quizzes, online tests, start online campaigns, write a blog, place advertisements, offer supplementary services, provide certifications. You may also study the market, explore advanced analytics for identifying trends and needs, build personalized learner relationships by offering teaching support and guidance outside the virtual classroom.

All these will not only ensure a smooth business for you but also supplement your learners’ knowledge base.

Expand your horizon

Conduct webinars, MOOCs, online training events, private courses, professional development webinars – cater to the needs of your learners. Enable them to ask for private and paid courses, access to class recordings, audio, videos, content library, courseware etc.

Be an innovator

Explore. Innovate. Exploit. Make optimum use of educational services that your rivals don’t provide – interactive audio/video, interactive e-book, infographics, social learning. Build your brand as an innovator in the field of online teaching.

Enhance your online appeal

Enhance your educational content timely and at regular intervals to keep pace with the ever-changing demands of the industry. Treat each online class as an opportunity to create an impression on your students daily!

If you have always dreamed of creating your own online school/academy, now’s the perfect time to get started. Before you’ll ever know, you’ll be on your way to success!

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