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60 minutes to Becoming Fluent in English with Jack Askew on WizIQ

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Jack Askew is on a mission. A mission to change the way people learn English, and achieve 100% English Fluency for his learners worldwide. And he is all set to carry his mission out with the help of WizIQ.

In a guest post for Vocabla, Jack Askew says, “They [the students] speak to me with so much motivation when I first meet them. They want to learn English for hours each day and talk about why it is so important for them to speak at a good level. But after a couple of months, things get in the way, and they turn up to class without doing their homework. Some students completely drop out and lose their initial passion.

Apparently, it’s not the motivation they lack. It’s something else. Something that Jack Askew knows and wishes to correct for good.

In April this year, Jack Askew had announced his brand new course on WizIQ for anyone who is frustrated with their current level of English and wants to become an advanced speaker and achieve fluency. He even gave away a free online ebook on ‘5 Keys to Becoming Fluent in English’.

Now, Jack is back with a free and open Webinar on:

“An Introduction to Becoming Fluent in English”


Date: 03rd June 2014

Time: 01:00 PM EST

Platform: WizIQ Platform

In this webinars, learners will:

  • Learn that anyone can become fluent in English

  • Know the 3 most common learning mistakes

  • Discover a method that’ll help you use vocabulary effortlessly

  • Get introduced to the keys to improving your speaking.

Jack will also introduce his new course on WizIQ, in this webinar. If you want to reach an advanced level in English, you don’t want to miss it.

So, calling all English language learners; this webinar is your chance to learn some of Jack’s favorite methods to learn English, the mentality needed, and the learning mistakes to avoid.

Know your Presenter:

Jack Askew from JDA English (www.jdaenglish.com) has 7 years of total teaching experience; 2 Years experience teaching in Spain and 5 years specializing in English language coaching and exam preparation online.

Jack completed his BA (Hons) Business Economics from Leeds University in 2005. He has been working personally with students from all around the world to help them make fast progress. He motivates learners and focuses on giving them what they need to succeed.

He likes language learning, traveling, soccer, gardening, and spending time with his family and dogs. He is presently based in the USA, but he is originally from the UK.


Engineer by education, writer by choice. I believe when you write for a cause, you become the cause.

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