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When 7 million students root for your services, you know you are doing really well. Meritnation, India’s leading online tutoring company, did not build their 7-million strong tutoring empire in just a day.

Launched in 2009 by a group of IIM graduates, the company wanted to equip students with knowledge that would not only only help them ace their school examinations but crack competitive exams too. However, they didn’t want students to cram textbooks and follow the rat race. The founders wanted to make learning so fun that it became addictive.

As a step in this direction, Meritnation rolled out self-paced online courses consisting of engaging videos and interactive exercises. The material was exhaustive, covering a wide range of subjects including Math, Science, English, etc. from classes 1-12.

Although these courses were a big hit with students, many came back desiring live interactions with a teacher. That’s when Meritnation turned to WizIQ Virtual Classroom to deliver live, synchronous classes for limited batches. Meritnation tasted success in this endeavour too. All seats were filled within days of starting the course.

4 Qualities That Made Meritnation’s Live Sessions a Runaway Success

  1. High Engagement: Meritnation’s live classes are highly engaging and stimulating. Live video streaming of the instructor, live text chat, and multi-way audio and video streaming bring the class to life. Meritnation tutors are also able to provide individual attention to shy students via the private chat option in the WizIQ Virtual Classroom. About the experience, Prayag Panchwadkar, Head of Marketing, has this to say:“There are no hassles in reaching out to students. In a batch of 25 students we are able to reach every student individually. It is a great new learning and teaching experience.”
  2. Visual Learning: Via an interactive, feature-rich whiteboard, Meritnation tutors provide multimedia-rich lessons. Animated videos can easily be played via a built-in Media Player. Additionally, teachers can write notes, Math formulas, Science equations, and draw graphs. Students too can write on the interactive whiteboard and show their understanding of the subject.
  3. Long Shelf Life: Thanks to the class recording feature, each online class is captured for unlimited replays. There’s no missing a Meritnation live class too.
  4. On-the-go learning: Meritnation’s live classes on WizIQ Virtual Classroom run as smoothly on a desktop as it does on an iPad/tablet. The flexibility to attend classes on the go makes Meritnation courses even more popular amongst students.

Here’s a demo of Meritnation’s live class delivered on WizIQ Virtual Classroom platform:

The Way Forward

Within few years of its launch, Meritnation has become India’s leading online tutoring platform. In addition to India, they have a strong presence in the Gulf region. The company is looking to rope in students from Bangladesh, Nepal, and Singapore by offering international curriculum.

Meritnation is extremely happy with WizIQ and are confident that WizIQ will be able to meet the evolving needs of Meritnation. Prayag Panchwadkar, Head of Marketing, shares the experience with WizIQ:

“We started out by opening these live classes for 500 students & were overwhelmed with the response. Within days all the seats were full. We are moving ahead with an aggressive expansion of capacity & couldn’t be happier with the results so far”

Read the complete case study on Meritnation s.

Launch Your Tutoring Business With WizIQ

If you are looking for a technological partner to launch your tutoring academy, look no further. WizIQ has all the capabilities to run your tutoring business online, including:

  • Unlimited public and private courses
  • Live delivery of classes via award-winning WizIQ Virtual Classroom
  • Content Library to upload all course materials
  • Easy test creation and assignment submission
  • Mobile app for online learning
  • 24/7 technical support, and many more.

You can request for a product demo by writing at To set up your full-fledged digital academy on WizIQ and run self-paced and live courses, contact or request for a 14-day free trial by clicking the link below:

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