7 Terrible Things Which Online Teachers Should Never Do on Twitter

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In the last few years, Twitter has been the platform of choice for marketing experts. During this time, Twitter has undergone massive transformations, and trends and practices for the platform have changed as well. A practice relevant in 2012 may no longer be of use in 2014, and this means you need to upgrade your skills continuously to keep up to speed with the micro-blogging network.

Considering these changes, we have been following the latest trends, first hand experiences of online teachers, and expert voice on Twitter for the last few months now. This rigorous and collaborative effort has helped us to produce an e-guide, How to use Twitter: The Ultimate Guide for Online Teachers. This guide keeps in mind the current needs of Twitter in 2014. This eguide help online teachers to find the answers to questions such as how to increase your Twitter engagement and reach; basic do’s and don’ts related to Twitter use; tools you can use to exploit Twitter to the maximum; how to effectively utilize the 140 characters.

While you read this eguide and explore new ways of promoting yourself on Twitter, ensure you avoid the common pitfalls that can trap you. You have to make sure that your presence on Twitter is wanted: ensure your tweets are crisp, relevant and attractive. Which are these pitfalls that educators should avoid for a healthy and fruitful presence on Twitter? We have listed seven tips that you can use to ensure your Twitter presence receives the response it deserves:

Tip 1: Don’t Overdo your ‘Tweets’

Yes, it is free to tweet but it you should not extend this liberty too much; you don’t want to irk your followers by consuming too much of their mental bandwidth. Also, keep your tweets short and crisp, you do not need to stretch the 140 character limit. Keep you tweets to 120 characters and that you give your followers enough bandwidth to fit a retweet as well.

Tip 2: Relevancy of followers matters, not their number

Having an engaged audience is an absolute must. Just simply increasing your followers won’t help if they are not interested in your content. Make sure you stay the course and do not indulge in twitter malpractices just in order to boost your follower count.

Tip 3: Not always a good idea to jump on trending topics

It is a good idea to provide your informed opinion on important issues; it might even make more sense if the topic is related to your particular field of education but to literally jump on any trending topic just to leave an impression would only kill your Twitter presence; it would give the tag of ‘lackey’, something you don’t want.

Tip 4: Don’t act like a prude

Again, it’s great to know things and be an expert of your field. But it is an absolute disaster to be a prude and bug your followers with unwanted information. Adopt a neutral tone, showcase your wisdom but ensure you stay within the bound of staying humble and make sure you encourage discussions.

Tip 5: Hashtag a word: Bad idea

Are you one of those who indulges in a ‘hashtag a word’ policy, that is literally converts every word into a hashtag? Please don’t, because it is simply too irritating for the reader.

Tip 6: Focus on the world around you

You domain and area of expertise in education does not end with you; ensure that you post content from your field and not only about yourself. Remember that fostering community sharing and knowledge enhancement is always a good idea.

Tip 7: Mandating students to follow on Twitter

We simply hope you don’t do this but still need to remind you of one simple fact: don’t force your students to follow you. Let the followers (including your students) grow naturally. Drop in a word about your twitter handle but that is just about it; do not overdo it.

These 7 basic tips go a long way in ensuring a healthy Twitter Handle, and a healthy account in the short term can only lead to lasting social engagement in the long term.

For rest of the comprehensive guidance on Twitter, download free eguide How to use Twitter: The Ultimate Guide for Online Teachers  before it loses its relevance.

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