A longtime WizIQ user, but a new WizIQ blogger

Dr. Nellie Deutsch

I am a lifelong learner with a passion for sharing what I learn and collaborating with others in the process. I have always gone beyond the classroom as a student (K-12 – PhD) and as an English language teacher. Before the Internet was available, I spent hours in public libraries. Now, I search for information online through Google scholar and retrieve the articles (view, download, and print) from an online library at the University of Phoenix. But while I love to read, I need to share and reflect as I learn any time, any place and with other learners. The Internet has made learning so much easier. I can now, communicate with people from around the world and learn with and from them. I use social networks such as Facebook, twitter, linkedin, scribd, academia, and social bookmarking sites to keep track of my work and share it with others. But, this is not enough. Even though social networks provide real time communication such as chats, I need to be able to share and collaborate in a safe classroom environment. The  face-to-face class is limited by physical walls so I searched for a virtual class. My search began in the mid 90s. I tried every live virtual classroom around until I found WizIQ in 2007.

I have always loved virtual classes because they offer opportunities to connect with participants from around the world. The energy that develops in the room is unlike any I have experienced in face-to-face classes. People who come to a virtual class seem to be extremely attentive and motivated to learn. I had used many virtual classrooms in the past, but felt frustrated by the lack of timely support and care that I got from their support teams. I have faced many technical issues since I began my online adventure in the late 80s/early 90s. In 2007, I joined WizIQ after joining a class moderated by Mark Cruthers on the features of WizIQ. I was a doctoral student at the time and was busy with my studies and working at a full time job teaching English at a high school so I could help put 3 of our children through undergraduate schools. Yes, 4 of us were in college. My husband was working overseas in Turkey at the time so I had lots of time to spend online teaching and learning. The CEO and team at WizIQ made a huge impression on me because they were willing to listen to feedback and suggestions on how to improve the system. I was sold on the potential of WizIQ to be the world’s best virtual classroom and I was right. WizIQ is going to be a household name very very soon.

As a long-time user of WizIQ, I feel that it’s time I gave back to WizIQ. I will be a regular contributor to the blog. There is one problem: I need a name for the blog corner. I would appreciate your help in finding a suitable name for my posts.

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