Christopher Dawson

Christopher Dawson

Chris is a full-time online teacher since then, focusing on teaching Business English to Adults. Rather than pushing the boundaries of technology, Chris seeks to simplify the online learning process by focusing on authentic human connections as a way to make online learning accessible for learners of all ages.

A look back at our ISTE virtual booth – Part 9: MentorMob

Although this interview didn’t actually occur during ISTE, it was originally scheduled to and features one of my favorite content curation tools; the company, MentorMob, also had some big announcements at ISTE, many of which we talked about in the interview below, conducted in the WizIQ virtual classroom. Vince Leung, co-founder of MentorMob, has joined us on WizIQ before and I look forward to talking with him more down the road. Vince will also be presenting at the annual Moodlemoot for 2012 (MVC12) on August 17, 2012.

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