A student's eye view: A new perspective on the WizIQ Blog

Education & Technology

My name is Noah Dawson. As a sophomore in college, I find that sometimes the teaching methods used are a little outdated. In fact, if I had my way about it, I would probably be getting my degree completely online. That’s why I’m happy to be a new writer for WizIQ. If my university offered virtual classrooms and a wider range of online courses, I would surely take more classes there than in person. As I continue my education, I’m increasingly aware of how quickly advancing technology can be used to create a better classroom experience. Although my university does keep up with advancements in technology, putting SMART boards in classrooms and lecture halls and managing classes with Blackboard, they don’t always know how to implement them well. With this blog, I hope to look at (and maybe even change) the way many colleges and universities make their decisions while choosing technology and how to use it.

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