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The Advanced WizIQ Online Testing System: Think Test, Think WizIQ

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Online tests have just got better and more interesting at WizIQ. Our improved online testing system now boasts an array of easy-to-use test features empowering teachers to create more interactive test modules for their learners.

Need to make changes to your published test? The testing system is now updated with an Edit feature. To improve, change or modify your published test, simply click on the test title and select the Edit option on the test page (see the image below).

Edit a test

The Edit feature enables you to modify the test title, description, test settings, questions, and answer choices.

Copying test questions:

To reduce time and effort involved in creating an online test, Copy feature has been introduced. The Copy settings and questions from existing test option on the test creation page allows you to copy and import questions from a previously published test and add them to the current test (see the image below).

Copy a test

Upon clicking the Copy settings and questions from existing test option, a new window pops up displaying a list of all the tests you have created and published so far on WizIQ (see the image below). You can type the specific test name you want to add to your current test in the search field. Once you select an existing test, click the Copy settings and questions option. Your existing test will be copied and added to the current test. You can change or modify the test questions, answers, settings, and other details of the copied test.

Copy test popup

Adding test questions:

What’s more, you can also add questions and sections from other existing tests by selecting the Add questions from another test option on the Add Questions page (see the image below).

Add questions

A new window pops up with a list of your already published tests (see the image below). You can look for a particular test by typing its name in the search field. Select the test and click the Add questions option to add the test questions and sections to your current test.

Add questions popup

Once added to your current test, you can make appropriate changes to the added sections by renaming and arranging them as needed.

You can also add your published test to your online course. All you have to do is go to your course page and add a test by copying or importing questions from your existing tests.

Uploading bulk questions:

When it comes to adding questions to your test, WizIQ’s online testing system now has more to offer. The system enables you to add questions in bulk. You can create a test by adding bulk questions to a CSV file and then uploading the file to your online test. Uploading bulk questions is easy: click the Import Questions option on the Add Questions page, browse in your system for the CSV file you wish to upload and add it to your test (see the image below).

Bulk question upload

When adding questions to the CSV file, it’s good to consider the following points in order to avoid error during the upload of the file:

  • Add only plain text without any rich text formatting.
  • Provide minimum 2 up to 6 answer choices for each question.
  • Provide at least one correct answer to each question.
  • Make sure that you set the same score to your questions as specified in the test settings.

New test settings:

In addition to these editing options, the improved testing system comes with the review option for test attempts. Once learners have attempted a test, they can review it at any time. You have the option of allowing them to review their real-time attempts with or without revealing the correct answers. Moreover, you can download a detailed test scorecard of all the attempts for a particular test. Your learners can view and download their own scorecard as well.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to make the most of the new test features by creating, attempting, and exploring online tests on WizIQ.

Create an online test now to experience the improved online testing system on WizIQ.

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