Announcing two new updates related to mobile Virtual Classroom

First off, thank you for using WizIQ. We are planning a lot of improvements moving forward. We are taking an opportunity to make this announcement about updates about our WebRTC Virtual Classroom on mobile devices (whether you use WizIQ’s mobile apps or have integrated WizIQ’s Virtual Classroom in your own mobile app).

Here are two announcements related to our Virtual Classroom mobile-view:

  1. We have made a change in our layout. Because many of our customers demanded a view similar to the one we have on the PC, early next week. we will be switching to the new layout. Screenshots of the new layout are attached below. As you can see, it’s not exactly the same as it is on a PC because we optimized the UI for smaller screen size.(screenshot: 1)

    (screenshot: 2)

    (screenshot: 3)

    (screenshot: 4)

    (screenshot: 5)

  2. We have been asked on several occasions whether our mobile Virtual Classroom can open from within our customer’s app and not in a mobile browser. We couldn’t do this earlier because of the limitations posed by Android and iOS. But in the last few months, they both have given certain updates that have now allowed us to give this feature – at least on the Android OS. So this means that if you have your own mobile app and you are calling WizIQ’s Virtual Classroom from your app, you no more have to launch the browser. The Virtual Classroom will now launch inside your own app. So if you want to use this feature, please reach out to our support team at and we will get you started

  1. Do I need to make any changes in my code to enable the new virtual classroom layout?
    No, you don’t need to make any change to enable the new layout,It will auto update.
  2. Will I have access to the old layout?
    Once this change is made, you will be able to access only the new layout however, it’s in our roadmap to make both layouts available with the layout selection option.
  3. When will this change take effect?
    Either on Sunday, April 12th or early next week.
  4. Will the new layout work both on iOS and Android devices?
    Yes, the new layout works both on iOS and Android devices for WebRTC Classroom only.
  5. What do I need to do to launch the Virtual Classroom from my mobile app?
    We have created a mobile SDK for Android (iOS SDK will come later), you can use that package in your app and launch a classroom from your app. Email us at if you would like to try it out.
  6. Does this feature (launching the Virtual Classroom from mobile app) work in both iOS and Android devices?
    No, we are only releasing our mobile SDK for the Android platform and so this feature is available only for Android. iOS SDK will be released at a future date.

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