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Jo Gakonga

My name is Jo Gakonga, and I am from Birmingham, in the UK. I've been teaching since 1989, and training teachers since 2000. Like many English teachers, though, my life didn't start off along that path....I originally studied Agriculture and was interested in development projects, but some work at the University of the South Pacific as a crop researcher quickly persuaded me that this wasn't for me. After a couple of years backpacking around New Zealand and Australia, I ended up on the hippy trail through South East Asia and absolutely fell in love with it. I was so bowled over by the culture, the people, the food (!) and the 'otherness' of it all and didn't want to leave, so when I ran out of money, I got a plane to Taiwan, where I had been advised I could get a job teaching English, just because I could 'speak it'.