Best strategies to make SAT fun for students- A free webinar

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The SAT means a lot more than a student’s admission into the college of his/her own choice.

A thorough assessment of the student’s knowledge, SAT scores help institutions to identify students with the drive necessary for achieving success in life. This is the reason every year around two million US students sit for SAT exam.

Unfortunately, SAT scores are not only crucial but also a cause of intense stress in students. A stress that can severely impacts the student’s performance. So, what can teachers do to relieve this pressure and help students score well? How can they prepare themselves better to make it easy for students?

Alexis Avila, founder of Prepped and Polished- a test prep and tutoring company, knows just the answer. He has devised some proven strategies that address the needs of all kinds of students. In his upcoming webinar “Learn how to teach practical SAT Strategies to your Students” on April 15th, he guides teachers on how to help students perform their best in SAT.

The webinar also offers teachers a chance to:

  • Learn how to help students read comprehension questions faster
  • Learn a key tip for test day
  • Learn one of the most overlooked math strategies
  • Learn how to get students mentally prepared for test day
  • Make a recording of the class available to all enrollees after the session

So, get ready for some great learning!

Be sure to book your seat for the webinar (Wizinar) by clicking here. And in case you are not attending the LIVE webinar or just missed it, do not worry. You can still get free access to the recording of the webinar by clicking right here!

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