Better Course Promotion and Security: Putting You in the Driver’s Seat

Using WizIQ

It’s here and it’s improved. Your WizIQ online course management is better than ever. We have enhanced your ability to promote and share your WizIQ Courses, in addition to making them more secure. We are committed to continuously improving your WizIQ experience.

Promote your course with the WizIQ Widget

You can now embed the WizIQ Widget into your blog or website so that everyone can easily see and explore your course. Since you can still share your course through social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, your course will get more visibility and a greater audience than before.

Enroll learners through email invitations

Course enrollment will be easier, because you can now enroll both registered and unregistered learners into your free course through a personalized email sent directly from your course page.

Secure email invitations: Choose who can access your course

Since teachers can now send a secure course invitation link to the learners through email, only the intended learners will have access to the link and join the course. Hence, you are in total control over who can be in your course.

We hope you find these upgrades useful. We will keep adding more features so that your experience will keep getting better. Keep checking this space for more updates from WizIQ.

Most importantly, we would love to hear about your experiences using the new features and WizIQ in general. Your feedback and suggestions help us improve everyone’s experience on WizIQ. You can write to us at


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