Better Manage Your Online Class Experience with Live Class Health Feature

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Managing virtual classroom experience is crucial for online teachers, which is influenced by various factors. Aside from how effectively you deliver your class, technology needs to be on your side to make things work like clockwork. However, it’s not just about you, it’s also about other class participants who affect the live class health or experience.

This brings us to very important questions. How do you manage the classroom experience when other class participants are affecting it? Most importantly, how do you find out the cause of the deteriorated class health or experience when there are multiple class participants?

The good news is that we have developed the new Live Class Health feature that allows you to know the overall live class health at any instant with a single click while the class is in progress. The overall live class health (rated as Excellent, Fair, or Poor) is a combination of multiple network parameters. For instance, bad Internet bandwidth or connection at any class attendee’s end may  lead to choppy audio and video during the class.

Moreover, the feature lets you view the detailed network information (Internet bandwidth, Latency, Packet loss, and more) of every attendee during the class. A list of participants is displayed based on their network information, which clearly indicates the class participants (highlighted in red in the list) who are likely to affect the overall classroom experience.  A remedial action is also suggested to improve the overall class health.

Here’s how you can access the Live Class Health feature during a live class:

Click the live class health indicator icon Class_Health_Feature_Icon in the toolbar which appears above the attendee list in the WizIQ Virtual Classroom (see images below).  The color of the icon can be Green, Orange, or Red depending on the network health at any given moment. A pop-up window appears with class health indicator and basic network information. Click Learn More to display the detailed network information of every class participant.






With the new Live Class Health feature, you can better manage online class experience by  mitigating the causes that deteriorate live class health. Let us know what you think about this new feature. Send your feedback and queries to We would love to hear from you. 🙂

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