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Brandon Hall Excellence in Technology Awards 2017 – We Win Again!

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Alan Alda, an accomplished Hollywood actor, once said, “Awards can give you a tremendous amount of encouragement to keep getting better no matter how young or old you are.”
We are excited to share that we have won the Brandon Hall Excellence Award in 2 categories in 2017: Silver for ‘Best Advance in Mobile Learning Technology’ and Bronze for ‘Best Advance in Technology for Virtual-Classroom or Conferencing Technology.’ Brandon Hall has honored WizIQ with excellence awards in related categories for three years in succession.

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Something About Us

Currently headquartered in Gurgaon, India, WizIQ was founded in 2007 by Mr. Harman Singh. Our organization developed a SaaS e-learning product which is very different from other Virtual Classroom and LMS software. Some key features are

  • Users can attend live classes from the WizIQ mobile application via its Virtual Classroom feature.
  • The HTML5-based Virtual Classroom runs on WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) enabling real-time audio-video communication. That means, our clients spend zero on additional IT hardware needed for video conferencing.
  • WizIQ mobile application is compatible with the latest operating systems. The app is supported by Android 8.2 and will be supported by iOS 11 soon.

The role of any technology is to make life simple for its users. The WizIQ platform was able to solve for some significant inefficiencies for our clients. Here’s a look at why we were able to bag such prestigious awards!

Silver: ‘Best Advance in Mobile Learning Technology’

Mobile technology has facilitated a change in the way we access information. Usage of smartphones has increased which makes sure that the client can expand its learner base.A direct impact of the usage of smartphones is the increase in the course completion rates. Using mobile phones is also a cost-saving method for both clients and learners as they are an affordable option, compared to desktops and laptops.

The WizIQ platform’s mobile compatibility ensured some exceptional advantages to our clients. With the WizIQ software, our client’s external or internal customers can learn on the go and access course content and live classes, anytime, anywhere.
Our client Max SkillsFirst testifies that “WizIQ provides great support and your people are really awesome and always ready to help; I think support adds a big value to any operations.” Max SkillFirst is an organization which provides soft-skills, sales, and compliance training to the employees of Max Insurance and Max Bupa. The issue that Max SkillFirst encountered was damaging to their training efforts. Its trainees spent a significant part of their time traveling in cities on sales calls and were unable to carry laptops or spend time on their computer systems. They decided to use the WizIQ Mobile Learning application and got back on track with their training and development goals.Explore in depth on how Max SkillFirst benefitted from using WizIQ mobile learning app.

What was Max SkillFirst able to achieve with our Mobile Learning app?

Max SkillFirst trainees could access the course content even when they were on the field, and via the application, the organization delivered better training. The WizIQ platform administered a seamless online classroom environment which was appreciated by the client. Using the WizIQ Course Builder, they created self-paced videos and presentation courses complete with different sections, chapters, and assessments which the trainees could access anytime.
The Tests and Assessment section of the platform enabled Max SkillFirst to assess the success of the training and how well the learners understood the content. WizIQ Content Library assisted the client with multi-format support, scalable storage and security made course content storage and dissemination easy for Max SkillFirst. With WizIQ’s unlimited storage, the organization could scale as the batch size increased.
Max SkillFirst is also a winner of the 2017 [1]Brandon Hall Excellence Award (Silver) in the category of ‘Best Use of Mobile Learning.’ Their win is an indirect endorsement of our product, and we feel so enthused!

What are Some Key Features of the WizIQ Mobile Platform?

  • Learners can readily access the platform via their mobiles.
  • Mobiles are an affordable option when compared to purchasing desktops or laptops. Through the mobile, the learner has the flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere.
  • White labeling (uploading logo, choosing custom colour scheme, customizing URL etc.) for the mobile application is available.
  • Virtual Classes and live videos are available on the mobile devices.
  • View courses quickly on the mobile device.
  • There is a list of comprehensive teaching tools and features such as chatting, video recording, etc.
  • The application has an intuitive design and seamless interface.

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Our next award is significant to us as we made some upgrades to our Virtual Classroom. We are happy to get such a fantastic response to these changes.

Bronze: Best Advance in Technology for Virtual-Classroom or Conferencing Technology

We made a difference in the work lives of our invaluable clients. What did our clients love about our Virtual Classroom? Our first testimonial for the success of the use of our Virtual Classroom is Liberty, a financial services – insurance and investment solutions firm. Through the usage of the WizIQ platform, Liberty’s annual savings shot up to ZAR 3.6 million or USD 270,000.

Robert Pfau, Head – Learning Solutions & Design and Customer Market Strategy at Liberty, South Africa shared, “The administration of virtual classroom session, is simple to do and has saved us time. Setting up access via our corporate firewalls was a challenge, but once this was sorted out, we had no issues. The WizIQ support team has been fantastic. They respond very quickly to support requests and are always willing to assist. Our users love the interface, which is very easy to use. The Mobile device support is a dream to use.”

Steve Hargadon[2] is the founder and director of the Learning Revolution Project and has been a happy user of WizIQ Virtual Classroom. Steve says, “ I’m seriously impressed by the WizIQ Virtual Classroom environment. I’ve run dozens of online events with thousands of session rooms using a different provider, and when I saw the re-engineered WizIQ environment I wanted to shout ‘hurrah!’ Finally, someone has gotten everything right– a very modern, attractive layout, AND all of the functionality intact. Kudo to the team at WizIQ.”

What are some significant features of the WizIQ’s Virtual Classroom?

WizIQ’s Virtual Classroom is based on robust technology and has several functional applications. Powered by WebRTC, it is a white-label friendly app. Android and iOS software are compatible with the app as well. Other features are:

  • Covers the end-to-end spectrum of live instruction: built-in class management, interactive whiteboard, cloud library, test creator, public and private.
  • Text chats, live screen and application sharing, pre-and- post-class quizzes, and analytics.
  • 5-way HD video conferencing, multi-bitrate streaming, unlimited audio streaming.
  • automatic server-side recording (SSR), transferable audio, video and writing controls.
  • The application collaborates in real time, and there is no need for a new setup or installations or downloads for this to work.

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We are so delighted to share this news with our readers. The hard work of our behind-the-scenes employees is commendable and is sure to motivate all of us in serving our clients better. Winning something as prestigious as the Brandon Hall Excellence Awards reinforces our resolve towards continual improvement of our product!

Psst.. we offer a 14-day free trial of our software. Or you can attend our weekly webinar series to learn more about starting on WizIQ!

[1] http://www.brandonhall.com/excellenceawards/excellence-learning.php?year=2017
[2] http://www.stevehargadon.com/p/about-me.html

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