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Preparing ESL students for English-speaking environments has always been a challenge for ESL teachers. Teachers try to leave no stone unturned to make them competent at their English speaking skills. But still ESL speakers do not find themselves comfortable in English-speaking environments.

So what is lacking in their education? Where is the knowledge-gap here? To put an end to the misery of ESL students and teachers, WizIQ and Michael Marzio aka Mike Marzio are going to solve this puzzle for you. We are bringing you a free one-hour webinar where Mike Marzio will share knowledge on his unique ways of teaching to bridge that gap.

Teach Real English!!

Mike analyzed the problems faced by ESL learners and realized that they are taught a different kind of English. They only learn excessively perfect, slow and short phrases which are not used in real situations. The audio and visual study materials given to ESL students also have several shortcomings. These are scripted and only give them stunted knowledge of English instead of preparing them to use English as fluently as they should.

This understanding led Mike to come up with the idea of Real English® materials. Real English® materials are focused on exposing students to English as used by real people. Mike records video interview sessions with people on the streets of native English speaking countries, primarily when on vacations (for that extra informality). The videos are edited later on with graphics, audio files, quizzes and questions and shown to students while delivering lessons. The motive is to make them feel comfortable with situations where they need to use English in its authentic form and develop fluency.

Real English® materials are designed in such a way that both intermediate and advanced level learners can use them and bring spontaneity in their speech. Mike has been using these materials in his school since a decade now and has received great success.

If you want to know how you can bring Real English® in your teaching especially when teaching online, join Mike Marzio on WizIQ on Aug 29 at 11am EST (3pm GMT) for his free session “Real English® Videos and Exercises for Blended Learning”. Click here to enroll.


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