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Teachers: Get your hands dirty! Welcome to BTB Online on WizIQ

Inside WizIQ MOOC
Build Your Teaching Business Online, starting on October 24, is a free and open course (MOOC) created and facilitated by Jason R. Levine and Sylvia Guinan. This course is for tutors, test prep institutes, training programs, and individual teachers who wish to expand or launch their online teaching business.

So, as the world of online teachers readies for this upcoming course on WizIQ, I indulge in some heart-to-heart with the organizers and find out what went on behind the scenes that inspired them to start this MOOC.

1) What is the course really about?

It’s about getting your hands dirty.

It’s about playing with the building blocks of online teaching.

It’s about trail-blazers remembering how they started back in the day…..and making it easier for you.

It’s about building a real online teaching business.

It’s about those who have done it who are still learning more.

Those who have done it and are still sharing more.

It’s about going beyond the call of duty for US and for YOU.

It’s real. You will build and create.

It’s inspiring, it’s fun, it’s practical.

You can do it and we are with you.

2) Why should online teachers take this course? How is it different from other courses?

This is our first teacher-training course where the emphasis is on the practical nuts and bolts of not just listening to experts, but calling the shots yourself.

It’s a workshop as well as webinar fest where you will create a course of your own from start to finish and present it to your colleagues and presenters within the MOOC.

You will also become our lifelong colleagues and collaborators through business networking strategies you will learn on the course.

You will remain at the forefront of our social media presence because our course is business, and networking is business and social media is business – we will catapult you through the noise of social media to the heart of elearning opportunities.

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3) Have there been other such courses, by other educators, in the past, or is it the first of its kind?

I think it’s different for online courses because it’s very much hands-on  – kind of like a workshop in a bricks-and-mortar environment. It’s also different because it’s a free ticket to the rest of your professional life in elearning and networking.That’s because we have professional strategies for leveraging our networks in ways that include you.

It’s also different because those delivering the course are creative hybrids.

This means that they are able to embrace academia and play simultaneously.

Vygostsky meets the ivory tower and sets it free.

A new love affair between theory and practice.

It’s also different because we put the HEART into business  – social/emotional intelligence, soft skills in business terms, understanding people, etiquette, netiquette.

Arguably, our biggest wow-factor could be the social skills inherent in how we operate and the fact that we naturally care.

It’s real. The network. The course. The business. The heart of teaching.

4) How will it change the lives of the Mooc takers? (Greater Impact)

If you still don’t know what the greater impact will be, visit our blogs and witness the passion. See what we’re doing.

But, most importantly, ask yourself what you want. If we speak to your dreams, the impact will be beyond your dreams.

I get heartfelt message in my facebook inbox on a regular basis , sometimes when I need them most – from teachers inspired by what we do.

I don’t ‘use’ these heartfelt messages as testimonials  – I’m too modest – and too caring of the human contact and confidentiality..

All I know is that it is REAL and I can speak for all of the other presenters in saying that we LOVE what we do.

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5)  What should be the mindset/preparation/background of the people who are/will be taking the MOOC?

We have a special mindset webinar by Drew Badger on the Psychology of Success. Yet I know that this mindset will naturally create its own ripple effect throughout each and every presentation.

You can’t hide the vibe.

For now, all I can say is you can and you will go beyond yourself – and that is exhilarating.

I will also leave you with a quote from Dr. Seuss and an idea that inspired me this week that I will inject into our course.

Inspiration one

“I’ll bet you know a thing or two, you’re super smart I’m proud of you”

Dr. Seuss

Inspiration two.

The “MIRYOKUTEKI HINSHITSU” concept shared by  Nick Michelioudakis.

Yes, it’s Japanese business wisdom – my brain-lift of the week.


To quote Nick:

“‘Atarimae Hinshitsu’ refers to the quality of a product or service to ‘do what it is supposed to do’;

Miryokuteki Hinshitsu’ on the other hand ‘describes the quality that fascinates by exceeding customers’ expectations’

– the sort of thing which makes people go WOW! (‘The Brain Sell’, D. Lewis 2013 – p. 247).

Here is an example:

Nordstrom (a department store) is apparently a company which aims to make the customers happy even at the expense of efficiency. Significantly, Nordstrom promotes this culture among the ‘Nordies’ (its employees) by means of stories. In this way they ‘imbibe’ the right attitude and it is hoped that one day they will become true ‘Nordies’ of whom the company can be proud.

Among the best known stories are the ones about…

– …a Nordie who thoughtfully warmed customers’ cars in winter while they were busy shopping,

– …a Nordie who happily gift-wrapped products a customer had bought at a rival department store (!), and even

– …a Nordie who ironed a customer’s shirt because they needed it for a meeting!”

By Nick Michelioudakis

When I read these examples I thought it would be wonderful to frame our endeavours in a similar way.

What could we do on a course like this ‘beyond the call of duty’?

If we can go the extra mile to iron out your worries, gift-wrap our knowledge for you in beautiful presentations, or warm-up your brain cells with fun inspiration, you will be wowed.

Most importantly, in peer-to-peer collaboration, you will do that for each other and wow each other.

To enroll now and for more details about the course, visit:

For course inquiries, contact:


Thank you Sylvia for your inspiring contribution to the article.


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