CCBM by IIT-D is Awarded for Being Tech-Savvy

Using WizIQ

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The ASSOCHAM (Associate Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India) awarded IIT Delhi’s CCBM course conducted on WizIQ as the Best Use of Technology for Vocational Education and Skills Training. This award was given in the National Education Excellence Award 2013 ceremony held in New Delhi on April 9, 2013.

For the first time, a premier institute of India decided to take a huge step to integrate new and innovative technology for bringing about a change in their teaching and learning methods. The Certificate Course in Business Management (CCBM) offered by IIT Delhi decided to opt for WizIQ Virtual Classroom because it perfectly fit the Blended/Hybrid Model that IIT envisioned and delivered beyond that.

A combination of face-to-face classroom teaching and online course delivery, the CCBM partnered with WizIQ Virtual Classroom to offer a unique and flexible chance to graduates in any discipline.

The internet-based technology used to engineer the WizIQ Virtual Classroom allowed the IIT Delhi professors to directly reach the computers/tabs/devices of the learners, without the need for special teaching studios or study centers.


The CCBM transcends all fear and phobia related to admissions in the Indian Institutes of Technology. There are no stringent tests or interviews as the course accepts application forms from graduates in any discipline. This eligibility criteria has increased scalability manifold as IIT still maintains its legacy and remains a popular choice of college for students pursuing higher education.

The initial challenges of awareness, demographics, interactivity and inclusivity were readily overcome by the dedicated efforts of the WizIQ training team and the super easy structure of WizIQ Virtual Classroom. As a result, the course is a huge success and many are rightly calling it a “dream come true”.

"CCBM course by IIT Delhi"

The use of ICT for higher education has always been a topic for much debate and criticism. But IIT Delhi has broken away all barriers of apprehension by setting an example for other universities, colleges and institutes to follow suit and bring about a paradigm shift in the learning scenario in India.

WizIQ is a fully internet-based platform for teaching and learning and therefore doesn’t require any VSAT connections. Students can attend classes from anywhere and the teachers can teach from anywhere. For more information, please visit:



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