Classroom 2.0 news, a last take on iBooks, and more in review:ed #13

As usual, Kirsten Winkler and I recorded our weekly episode of review:ed last Friday and, as usual, I thought it was worth sharing with the WizIQ community (and beyond).

In particular, I wanted to call out an announcement from Classroom 2.0. Steve Hargadon and Richard Byrne (best known for his freetech4teachers blog) are co-authoring a Classroom 2.0 book that will largely be comprised of educator-submitted articles and stories. While a selection of submissions will make it to the book, all submissions will make it onto the Classroom 2.0 Scribd collection (going live soon). I’ll be editing the book, so I can’t wait to see what rolls in. Submission guidelines can be found here (if the guidelines aren’t posted yet, they will be soon, so check back later today).

We also spoke with the folks at Udemy about their new Faculty Project and talked to Ed Bott, a fellow ZDNet contributing editor, about his take on the iBooks EULA. Despite a series of technical problems that turned into a comedy of errors, we had some very interesting discussions, so be sure to tune in, download, or subscribe below to learn more.

review:ed #13 Hidden Bombs

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