Conferences with WizIQ — Oh the Possibilities!

Using WizIQ

You can organize a conference

Do you want to have a conference, without having to organize hotel rooms, meals and airport pick-ups? With WizIQ, you can. Perhaps you are planning a convention and want to bring the information to as many people as possible, even if they can’t actually make it to the physical place. No problem, WizIQ can help. Is your keynote speaker reluctant to leave Italy, even though the conference is in Tennessee? Call WizIQ. There are options.

WizIQ’s on-line platform for teachers and learners can expand the potential of a conference.

WizIQ is affordable for small organizations but can meet the needs of large corporations or universities. Last year, WizIQ partnered with more than 20 conferences, whose organizers wanted to reach beyond their own geographical area. WizIQ packaged and live webcasted the conferences so that anybody in any parts of the world could attend.

Live Streaming

Conference Possibilities:

An enhanced old-fashioned conference: You are planning a conference, with a lot of people in one place. You want to open up some of the presentations to a larger web-based audience, with live streaming. The presenter can use a wireless microphone and a camera, and have his content already loaded into the WizIQ content-library. Your neighborhood event can easily become a world wide sharing of ideas.

An entirely online conference: Who needs all of those bodies in one place? You want to have your conference entirely online. You can find several presenters, create a schedule, advertise and invite attendees. People are no longer hampered by geography.

A hybrid conference: Maybe the ideal presenter for your conference would love to speak, as long as he doesn’t have to actually be there. With WizIQ, he can be wherever he wants to be. His image can be projected onto a big screen, people can use a microphone to ask questions and he can be sitting on the beach.

Online Conferencing

WizIQ makes it easy.

When you schedule your conference with WizIQ, you will receive:

– A dedicated webpage and web-link with a “join in advance” feature

An organized roster of conference attendees that is automatically updated as people register

A communicational system that sends automated E-mails about the beginning of every session and allows you to easily contact everyone should it be necessary.

Furthermore, since WizIQ is completely web-based, your participants do not need to download anything nor have fancy software. All they do is open up the link into the presentation and they are ready to learn and participate.

Web Conferencing

Maybe you have recently made some discoveries in molecular chemistry and you want to share your work. Have you have been thinking that it would be fun to get together a conference of grannies to compare pie crusts? Perhaps you are excited to bring the grannies and the chemists together in order to examine the molecular nature of the perfect crust.

With WizIQ, you can leave the logistics to us, and concentrate on what really matters—the exchange of ideas.

For more information about how WizIQ can help you run a conference, please contact Kalyan at We would love to help you get started!

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