Confidence with Web Technologies

Technology is available, so why not use it?

I’ve been using the Internet and web technologies since the mid 90s and WizIQ since 2007. Technology works when you’re using a good solid program and WizIQ has never let me down. It’s not enough for a web technology program such as WizIQ to be super great. It takes confidence and know how on the part of the user to make sure things work.

Confidence with Technology
Teachers and students are not receiving the support and know how they need to teach and learn online with web technologies. When technology fails them, they are quick to judge and give up. Technology should not be blamed nor should the users be blamed. We should be open to learning and give the tools a chance. We should not give up before learning all about the tools and how they can facilitate instruction and learning. Teachers and students need ongoing encouragement and support so that they can gain the confidence they need to give the tools a chance.

Right Attitude to Technology
Practice does make perfect, but faith is just as important. Don’t be quick to judge and give the tool a chance. You will gain confidence in yourself and in the tool the minute you stop blaming yourself, the tool, or anyone else.

Using the Whiteboard
Teaching online requires a great deal of practice in using instructional tools. The whiteboard offers many opportunities to engage students. Find out how you can facilitate learning using the whiteboard. Join us as we practice to use the whiteboard on January 27, 2013 on WizIQ live class.

Create Courses on WizIQ
Learn how to create courses on WizIQ and use them for courses, conferences, to conduct research. Enroll in the live class now and join in real time on January 27, 2013 and/or view the recordings at any time. There’s value in viewing classes more than once. You can do this online, but will you also tap record your face-to-face classes?

WizIQ Courses

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