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WizIQ takes engagement and ease to the next level. We know you love Facebook, so we thought of giving you a seamless experience.

We are excited to announce that now you can join WizIQ using Facebook.

When you sign up on WizIQ with Facebook, you connect your WizIQ profile and Facebook profile. Once the two accounts are connected, you’ll always be able to log into WizIQ using the Facebook login. So, you are saved from the hassle of remembering yet another password, and it’s quick too!

 Why use this feature? – You should use this feature for 3 simple reasons:

1. Easy to create account on WizIQ – no forms to fill
2. Seamless login experience for subsequent visits to WizIQ
3. No hassle of remembering multiple passwords

How does the Facebook login work?

For New WizIQ users:

When you create a new account on WizIQ, or are asked to sign up before joining a class, just click on the Login with Facebook button, and your WizIQ account is created. One click sign up.

Facebook Login
Login with Facebook


Even sign –in for subsequent visits to WizIQ got simpler with Facebook connect.

For Existing WizIQ members:

Existing WizIQ members simply need to sync their WizIQ account with their Facebook account, and they are good to go. Thereafter, for subsequent visits, use Facebook login to use WizIQ.


Link your Facebook account with WizIQ


Having said that, login to WiziQ using Facebook is not mandatory. You can still use the good old sign up and sign in with WizIQ email address.

We’d love to hear what you liked and what you didn’t. Your suggestions help us improve and add new features.

Gitanjali Banerjee

Gitanjali Banerjee studied International Relations from JNU, worked as a teacher, and then moved on to follow her heart. Juggled with freelance writing and blogging. She blogs avidly, loves to travel, read and cook. She used to be a writer at WizIQ.

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