Conversation with Russell Stannard

Conversation on WizIQ

The WizIQ conversations are a great way to learn what others are  doing and think about our work as teachers and educators. What tools are we going to use to help our students learn? I have interviewed incredible people. You are invited to join as a participant and/or speaker at these sessions. So follow us for updates for the next conversation.

I am very excited about the upcoming WizIQ conversation because I will have a chance to learn from Russell Stannard. Please join me on December 11, 2012 for a WizIQ conversation with Russell Stannard. The session will begin at 10 AM EST (see your timezone for the exact time). Click here to join the class!

Russell Stannard on WizIQ

Russell Stannard is a principal teaching fellow at the University of Warwick where he teaches the use of ICT in language teaching. He runs a website that provides free step by step screen casts for teachers. In 2011 it received 267,000 visits. Russell won the “Outstanding Innovation” award from the Times Higher and the “Technology ELTons” from the British Council. He writes and gives talks all over the world.

British Council Tech Award Winner

Russell Stannard has won many awards for his amazing tutorials. He received the teacher training video award for online training courses. You are invited to read more about them on Russell’s website:

ELTons 2010 Awards Ceremony Video from Sheraz Alvi on Vimeo.

Video Feedback

Teacher’s presence is so crucial for student learning. Russell found a great way to conduct feedback. Listen and find out how he Russell uses video feedback through screensharing programs.

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