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Corporate Training Goes Online: Loud Class Leverages WizIQ to Boost Productivity


Corporate training is a $200 billion industry and online training will soon gobble up a large share of this, which is evident from 2011 data: 77% of organizations were using eLearning (Statistic by IBIS Capital) as compared to only 4% in 1995.

It’s an open secret that more and more organizations are dumping traditional, instructor-led training for online sessions to reduce training costs and boost employee productivity.

Loud Class, the biggest ESL training institute in Korea, is one such organization that has happily switched to online workshops for its teachers. The institute employs more than 1300 teachers in 170 centers, spread across the length of Korea. These teachers in turn provide English language skills to 45000 students.

Loud Class believes in providing the best-in-class training to its teachers. However, bringing all these teachers located in different centres to central headquarters was a huge drain on resources as well as teachers’ time.

Loud Class thus began searching for an online training solution that would help them mete out powerful, live, face-to-face, and engaging sessions. After trying a few other platforms, Loud Class finally zeroed in on WizIQ and its award winning virtual classroom WizIQ Virtual Classroom to deliver the most effective online training sessions. Since switching to eLearning, Loud Class has reported high levels of attendance, quality training sessions, elimination of travel costs, and positive feedback from the trainees.

Peek into Loud Class’ Online Workshops on WizIQ Virtual Classroom

  • User-friendly Sessions: Loud Class eLearning sessions are highly user-friendly, allowing teachers to join the online workshops at the click of a button from anywhere. There is no learning curve involved at all in using the virtual classroom solution. Trainers too do not need to undergo any formal training sessions, thanks to WizIQ Virtual Classroom’s intuitive interface.
  • Face-to-face Interaction: Loud Class’ online training sessions are interactive, allowing face-to-face communication between the teachers and the trainer via live video stream. WizIQ Virtual Classroom allows trainers and trainees to engage meaningfully via live text, audio and video chat.
  • Group Chat: Loud Class trainers use the group chat feature to deliver a smooth, productive session. A co-presenter assists the presenter in replying to the queries of teachers via text chat in real time, without disturbing the ongoing session.
  • Rich Course Content: Exhaustive training materials comprising presentations, videos, and documents can be shared with trainees at click of a button in the virtual classroom. Loud Class trainers use the built-in Content Library to share materials with teachers and the advanced whiteboard functionalities to display these files. If needed, they can even use the Screen Sharing feature to show any file on their system.
  • Recorded Sessions: Easy availability of the recording of each live session makes online training far superior to offline workshops. If a teacher missed an offline session at central headquarters, there was no way to catch up. Online workshops ensured that each training session was well preserved for future reference and unlimited reviews by trainers as well as teachers.

Benefits Enjoyed Via Online Training

  • Economical: Loud Class saves extensive costs on travel, stay arrangements, and equipment while teachers save time in travel, devoting the same time to teaching Korean students.
  • Productive: Loud Class has reported increase in attendance of sessions after switching to online training. It has also allowed them to increase the frequency of seminars and workshops and bring the best out of their teachers.
  • Multimedia-rich Training: Loud Class delivers fun and multimedia-rich training sessions by using audio, video, animated presentations, etc. in the live class.
  • Immediacy: Loud Class trainers and teachers can instantly connect with each other, anytime, anywhere.
  • Extensive Reach: Trainer in any part of the world can deliver a powerful training session to all teachers across 170 centres in Korea.

What Loud Class Says About WizIQ’s eTraining Solution

We tested many online learning platforms and found WizIQ the best of all. It’s flexible,

easy to use, affordable, and comes with an excellent customer service and excellent

features. Our teachers simply love it!

– Min Shin (Senior manager on the business development team for CHUNGDAHM Learning.)

Read the complete success story of Loud Class here.

Switch to eLarning with WizIQ

Loud Class maximizes the Return on Investment (ROI) of their training by switching to eLearning via WizIQ. Not only did they save on extensive training costs but also deliver far superior sessions. WizIQ can help your organization deliver the most powerful online training sessions possible via its pool of features like:

  • Quick course creation process
  • In-built Virtual Classroom to deliver live classes
  • Easy upload of diverse training materials
  • Free 24*7 phone based customer support
  • m-learning (on mobiles & tablets – Android, iOS)
  • Testing, tracking, assessment features
  • Engaging one-to-one or group discussions

Request for a live demo of the platform from WizIQ’s dedicated team by writing at . You can even request for a 14-day free trial to weigh the advantages of online training by contacting or by clicking the link below.

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