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Course Assignment: Now Engage and Evaluate your Learners Better

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The teaching needs of educators or academicians are varied and ever-evolving. Educators the world over are continuously looking for or devising ways to engage learners through innovative activities and tools.  When it comes to online education or teaching, the possibilities are abundant, and so are the challenges.

At WizIQ, we have always stepped up to the challenges, tapped opportunities and adapted ourselves to the changing online education landscape, to make online teaching a more rewarding endeavor for you. To this end, we have continuously upgraded our platform to make online education more holistic for both educators and learners.

We recently introduced the Course Assignment feature on WizIQ, which allows educators to create course assignments for learners, thereby enabling educators to evaluate the learners’ understanding of a subject or course in a comprehensive manner.

What’s in it for Educators?
As an educator, you have access to the following Course Assignment features:

Creating an Assignment for Learners:
Once you are on your WizIQ course page, you can add an assignment (see Figure 1.1) to your course. The feature allows you to add or upload relevant files to your assignment.  You can either set a due date and time for the assignment or choose not to set a deadline for submission. In addition, you can add a suitable description to your assignment for the understanding of your course learners.  When you create an assignment, it automatically gets added to your course.

Figure 1.1

Notifying the Learners: The course learners are notified of the new assignment created by you through an automated email notification that has details of the assignment. This happens as soon as you create an assignment. You don’t need to inform the learners about the new assignment.

Submission Reminders: With submission reminders, you can be assured that your learners are not likely to forget the submission due date and time. When the assignment due date is approaching, an automated email reminder is sent to all the course learners prompting them to make a submission on or before the due date.  A submission reminder is sent to the learners a day before the due date.

Reviewing the Submissions: The course provider or instructor receives an email notification when a learner submits a completed assignment. You can review the assignment once a course learner makes a submission. The course learners can view the assignment and access the assignment files uploaded by you. They can make a submission by uploading relevant files and inputting text. You can review the submission, including the files uploaded by the learners, and provide your feedback on the submission, which can be viewed by the respective learners.

Discussion with Learners: The Discussion feature of Course Assignment enables you to have a discussion with individual learners about the assignment. You can share additional notes, useful inputs or tips, discuss the submission with the learners and much more. The discussion that happens between you and an individual learner can’t be viewed by other course learners, which allows you to keep the discussions discrete and give specific feedback or inputs to the learners.

To get a better idea about the various features of Course Assignment, watch the video below:

We hope that the Course Assignment feature will improve the way you engage your learners and deliver your courses. We will be adding more features to WizIQ as we go along. So, keep watching this space for more updates.

Moreover, we would love to hear from you about the Course Assignment feature. You can also let us know if you would want any new features to be added to WizIQ.  You can submit your ideas and suggestions here.

If you have any questions, or wish to provide feedback, write to us at

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