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With Course Feed, your students can share ideas, work collaboratively and extend each other’s thinking in written dialog whenever it is convenient for them. Asynchronous group based learning will be simple to facilitate and participate in with this remarkable new tool from WizIQ.

Course Feed enhances student to teacher and student to student interactions, by creating a forum for online discussions. There is a world of pedagogical possibilities made possible with Course Feed.

But how do I create a course on WizIQ?

With WizIQ, you can create an online course in just one step. Go to this page and click on Get Started now button. Type in a Course Title and click Create this Course. Simple.

You can always add additional information for your course by expanding the Add more information about your course option. And you can create multiple number of courses on WizIQ.

What is Course Feed?
What is Course Feed? What does Course Feed do? Course Feed!, what was that? Course…What again?

Course Feed is an online discussion forum, where you and your students can share, and respond to ideas, content and logistical updates whenever it is convenient. Link can be shared, information can be requested and opinions can be debated, all in one easily accessible location.

Where do I find Course Feed? How do I reach my Course Feed? Where is Course Feed? I can’t find Course Feed!

You can find Course Feed in 2 steps:

Step 1: Select a course under My Courses

Step 2: You will reach the Course Feed of the selected course, by default. Write your comment and click Post.

That is all that you need to do!

How do I use Course Feed for online discussions? How to start online discussions on my course? How do I make my students participate in online discussions?

Here are few helpful ways to use Course Feed:

Challenge: Teachers can engage students in constructive arguments so that the class can work together toward a richer understanding of the subject.

Clarify: Students can post questions about assignments or tests, so that they can be sure that they have a clear understanding of the instructor’s expectations.

Listen: Teachers can read and analyze the comments and replies to understand the participant’s issues, concerns, or suggestions.

Respond: Students can participate actively by replying to ongoing challenges or discussions.

Inform: Teachers and students can share logistical information, such as a change in a meeting time or assignment expectation. Participants can also inform each other of events or news stories that are relevant to the subject that they are studying.

Encourage: Students who need time to organize their thoughts can more easily participate when they have a convenient forum to voice their opinions.

These are just a few ways to use Course Feed.

So WizIQ users, we hope that you enjoy this incredible group learning tool!

For comments or suggestions on Course Feed, please write to WizIQ remains committed to a “user-first” approach in all endeavors and your feedback further strengthens our efforts.

Harman Singh

Harman is the founder of WizIQ, which he originated in 2006 as an education technology expert with the goal of helping students connect with teachers online. He is the visionary behind WizIQ’s product and platform strategy, which is focused on creating the best virtual classroom technology to bring live classroom teaching to the students through the Internet, right on their computers. Other than spending most of his free time passionately debating the next step for WizIQ with his team, he enjoys traveling to faraway lands. Harman holds a masters degree in Computer Science from NC State University in Raleigh.

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