A Beginner’s Guide to Creating iPhone Videos for the Virtual Classroom

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You have probably used your iPhone to make videos of your friends and family. Have you thought about using your phone to make educational videos for the virtual classroom? This post will show you how.

Often, when videos are made on the iPhone, the sound quality is poor and the footage is shaky. Here are a few simple ways to stabilize your camera and create great sound quality.

Getting Good Video

The quickest solution is to buy a tripod. iStabalizer makes a full gamut of tripod accessories that work well with your iPod. Pick one that you like. Because I am a Do-it-yourself (DIY) kind of gal, I looked into ways to make a stabilizer using things found around your house or from the hardware store.

If you have any interest at all in taking videos of people while you are walking or moving, you must watch the tutorial, “DIY high-quality cellphone camera stabilizer for iPhone, Android, Blackberry under $10” created by a young woman named Ritwika. She beautifully explains the physics behind the stabilizer and walks you through the creation of your own. Watching this video was inspirational.

There are other DIY options, though the pieces cost almost as much as it would cost to buy it new. However, you might have some of the items in your garage, and you are more likely to be able to get something that wasn’t made in a sweatshop. Here is another DIY option, by Lifehacker.

Getting Good Audio

The audio when you are making videos with your iPhone is not always what it needs to be for high-quality videos. The easiest solution is to buy a Condenser Microphone and a Microphone Adapter. This Lavalier Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone has mixed reviews, but it is affordable. It costs about $20. Behringer makes a great Microphone, but it is somewhat more expensive ($60). For most classroom purposes, where you are not, in particular, trying to create breathtaking audio, the more affordable mike is fine. If you are interested in recording music or singing, the higher quality mike makes sense. Here is a iPhone Microphone Adapter by KV connections.

For all of you adventurous DIYers, have I got links for you! This is a tutorial about how to make a Lavalier Condensor Microphone using things you probably have around your house. I am serious, the only thing that you might not have is a tie clip, but if you dig deeply into the farthest recesses of your closet, you might even be able to find one of those.

Review of ‘What you need’ to create great videos with an iPhone:

-A tripod or stabilizer

-A condenser microphone

-An iPod microphone adapter


If you want to edit your movie, you can download iMovie for 5 bucks. In moments, you can create a video that you can use in the WizIQ virtual classroom.

You can also try Vidify, which streamlines the video creation process.

Extra Support

There is a yahoo group for Mic-makers. They love stuff like this.

Some Ideas

The educational possibilities are endless.

-Take your students where the action is – or at least where you are. Maybe you are exploring a farm or a new city, and you want to share the information with your learners. You can make a video and upload it into your online course immediately.

-If you are in a blended classroom, you can record videos of your student’s presentations, and then upload them into your virtual classroom for further discussion. This will allow you to fully explore the ideas that are presented.

-You can also make a video of a place that you explored together, and then refer to it later. For example, perhaps you visited a land formation with your geology students. You want the students to experience the visceral and heart-breaking beauty of the place, but you also want them to be aware of the sedimentary bedrock. With a video, you have time to do both.

-You can easily teach your students how to record and edit videos, using their iPhone, and then they can make videos, as well.

Get Recording!

You no longer need cumbersome equipment or costly software. Within a few hours, you can have everything together that you need to create and edit your own educational videos for the virtual classroom!


I am a teacher, hiker, mother, dancer and home-maker. I have taught pre-school through SAT prep. I am exploring ways to create on-line learning communities for home-schooled middle school and high school students. In particular, I am starting a low-residency on-line middle school. I would like to help young people explore important ideas while enjoying their lives! You can learn more about my programs at www.onlineclassesforgroovykids.org.


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