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English Weekly Workouts with Fluency MC
I am passionate about teaching English as a second (ESL) and foreign language (EFL) because I learn so much. Being an English teacher provides me with opportunities to learn about people and help them communicate in English. Teaching a language means learning about language skills, so I can engage students in meaningful ways. I have tried many innovative ways of teaching English, but none come close to Jason R. Levine’s English weekly workouts.

Learning a Language is Much More
Learning a language is much more than sitting in a classroom. It’s about learning outside the classroom. Learning a language outside the classroom combines life skills with language skills. Language skills help us connect with one another, but also connect to ourselves.

Reflect and Have Fun
We spend hours doing things for others, whether at home, at the office, or school. Isn’t it time we found time to devote to ourselves? It’s time we took some time off, listened to music, walked for no reason in the park, or did things that are unrelated to work or family.

Quality of Heart and Mind
In addition to teaching English, I practice mindful living and relaxation. I do that so I can devote time to myself and improve the quality of my mind and heart. Mindful living allows me to recharge and manage everything else in my life. One way of taking time off from my duties and turning to myself is through learning and music. Fluency MC and Jason R. Levine is making teaching, learning, and relaxation possible for my students and I.

Learning without Stress
Learning without stress and having fun is a great way to start the day, the week, and the new year. Jason R. Levine is going to give live sessions with recordings, so we can listen to music and relax anywhere and at any time with the recordings. Join the fun starting January 18, 2013.

First English Workout on WizIQ
The first English workout will start on January 13, 2018. The workout will be broadcast live from New York. You will be be able to view it live on WizIQ. However, those who cannot make the live broadcasts can view the recordings on WizIQ.

Jason R. Levine
Jason is a teacher, trainer, author, and songwriter/rapper from the greater New York city area. Jason works for the US Department of State and for Oxford University Press. He has an MA in education and language teaching.  Jason loves people and does an incredible job helping them improve their English language skills. Jason founded Fluency MC and the English language weekly workout program.

You are invited to view the following video and see for yourself how Jase (Jason R. Levine) or as he calls himself, Fluency MC, raps as a way to teach and learn English as a second (ESL) and foreign language (EFL).

English Weekly Workouts on WizIQ
You can sign-up for free to get updates on the upcoming English Workouts on WizIQ. For those interested in the workouts, there are two workout programs:

  1. 8 workouts for $15
  2. 3 workouts for $10

The English workouts include high-energy speaking skills video program with practice worksheets and mp3 recordings to use before and after each class.
Students and teachers don’t have to rap to use the material Jase has created, unless they want to. But, the songs are very catchy. You will want to sing along.

The workouts are suitable for the whole family so invite your family and friends to join the fun. The recordings can be watched and listened to anywhere and at any time. You can view the workouts live or the recordings on your mobile devices such as iPad or android with WizIQ.

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Dr. Nellie Deutsch

Dr. Nellie Deutsch is an education technology and curriculum consultant, faculty at Atlantic University in the MA transpersonal and leadership studies, teacher trainer, researcher, and writer. She organizes Moodle MOOCs and online conferences. She earned her doctorate in education and educational leadership with a specialization in curriculum and instruction from the University of Phoenix Her dissertation research (available on ProQuest & Amazon) focused on instructor experiences with integrating technology in blended learning contexts in higher education around the world. Nellie offers free teacher training courses on teaching with technology, action research and Moodle for teacher courses to new, veteran, and future teachers who wish to teach online, face-to-face or in blended learning formats. She also provides online courses to teachers and ICT people on how to be administrators of Moodle websites. She integrates Moodle and WizIQ live virtual classes in all her courses.


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