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Jason R. Levine (aka Fluency MC), Ambassador and Knowledge Entertainer at WizIQ, is the host of the webinar series, Featured Teachers. In an interview, Jase spoke about the purpose of the series, the structure and format, and how teachers around the world can get involved.

1. What is the Featured Teachers webinar series all about?

Featured Teachers is a series of webinars in the live virtual classrooms of WizIQ. We’re showcasing the work of the world’s most passionate educators to provide professional development to teachers worldwide. Each webinar features a live presentation by a teacher deeply committed to this principle.

I’m recruiting teachers of foreign languages, the sciences, software development, web technologies, and any other subject of high interest to our audience. These teachers might work online or in traditional classrooms, with children or adults, in companies or in universities. What’s essential is that they are dedicated to helping other teachers grow through sharing their personal knowledge and experience.

2. Which teachers have you featured so far?

Rich Kiker, Mark Barnes, Gabby Wallace, and Jennifer Lebedev, to name a few. You can link to past webinars to watch the recordings and download the slides from the presentations.

I’m hosting several webinars every month. The next two are with Eric Kane and Richard Hamilton. (Click any of the names here to link to the pages where you can join).

You can check out all of the past webinars here.

We’re also making highlight videos of these webinars for our YouTube channel and promoting them in social networks. You can check out the playlist here.

3. How do these webinars benefit teachers?

In the live webinar, teachers use the chat box to interact with the presenter and with one another. If you’ve never experienced this, you might assume it would feel impersonal compared to being in a physical space. However, in a virtual classroom you meet more teachers from more places and share opinions more freely than you do in an auditorium or lecture hall.

Each Featured Teacher presents materials and tools that attendees can use with their learners. Another great thing: every teacher who attends becomes more familiar and comfortable with the technology of the online classroom.

4. What is the procedure for joining and attending a webinar?

It’s easy! You go to the page with the link we give you and then click “Join Free Webinar.” If you’re not yet a member of WizIQ (it’s free to join), you simply sign up. All teachers are welcome.

In the days leading up to the webinar, you can meet and chat with other teachers in the Course Feed. Just before the webinar is scheduled to begin, click on the “Launch Class” button.

If you can’t attend the webinar live, don’t worry. Every attendee has access the video recording, which is available soon after the webinar is over.

5. What is your role as host? How do you assist teachers during the webinars?

As host I support each Featured Teacher every step of the way, from creating the webinar landing page to overseeing promotions to managing the classroom during their session.

6. Is there any criteria that a teacher must fulfill in order to present in this series?

None other than to have a topic and passion that will appeal to a large and diverse audience of teachers.

Every Featured Teacher is provided with extensive free marketing support and a WizIQ Solo Pro Account for 500 attendees free of charge for one year. Interested teachers can contact me at jase@wiziq.com.

7. Which teachers are you planning to feature in the future?

The list for 2015 is growing fast! We have some incredible folks on the way including Vicki Loras, Starr Sackstein, Vicki Davis, MC Sha Rock,and Jim Baker.

Please join us for the next Featured Teacher webinar with Eric Kane here.

Interested in being a Featured Teacher yourself? Contact Jase: jase@wiziq.com

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