Free WizIQ membership for K-12 and College Educators

Teaching Online Using WizIQ

Here’s some great news! We are now offering free individual memberships to all K-12, college, and university teachers. All they have to do is sign up with an email address associated with their educational institution (e.g., or

That’s all WizIQ needs to give educators at accredited institutions access to a wide range of online teaching tools.

To many educators, the Virtual Classroom for which WizIQ is best known only means live classes, which they might not need considering they see their students in person every day.

But with the WizIQ Virtual Classroom they can also:

  • Offer online courses for their school
  • Run virtual office hours and homework help
  • Run summer school online to address transportation and facilities issues
  • Give AP students a jumpstart with virtual summer class sessions
  • Let athletes or homebound students work with their classes live even if they can’t be there
  • Easily set up classes – without IT help
  • Bring subject matter experts into their classrooms virtually
  • Support group and project-based learning
  • Engage hard-to-reach parents with:
    • Virtual parents’ nights
    • Virtual conferences
    • Adult education and community outreach
    • Virtual math and literacy nights
    • Broadcast live school committee meetings on the web
  • Record lectures or flip their classrooms
  • Conduct virtual field trips
  • Run professional development when and where staff are available
  • Share teaching resources among schools

Teachers can take full advantage of every WizIQ feature, including screen-sharing, polling, video-conferencing, shared whiteboards, and more.

The WizIQ Virtual Classroom features are generally available only to paying members, but teachers and their students will now enjoy free access.

Teacher accounts come with several other benefits, such as the ability to create live and asynchronous courses complete with uploadable courseware and 15 GB of free storage for class recordings. These recordings are hosted in the cloud.

Steps to get free WizIQ membership
    1. Sign up for a 14-day trial here:
    2. Verify your email address from your email inbox
    3. You’ll receive a confirmation email from us once your free membership is approved

By the way, if your school doesn’t use one of the typical educational domain names (for example,, you can still apply for a free account. It just might take us a couple of days to verify that your domain is associated with an accredited educational institution.



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