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From Hobby to Leading Player: ElaN Chooses WizIQ as Its Online Teaching Arm

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Are you a language lover, a polyglot who takes thrill in teaching others the nuances of a foreign language? Then thousands of students, workers, and language enthusiasts from around the world are searching for expert teachers like you, online!

You can make your hobby a full-fledged business and run it successfully online. I want you to meet someone who did it: ElaN Languages, a complete language service offering language courses, translations, interpreting services, research and development.

The company was founded in early 90s by Wim Vanschooren, a language enthusiast and a freelance translator. Wim, who started this company as a hobby, collaborated with two other language enthusiasts Eric and Peter Vaes to reinvent the startup as a broader undertaking. Did it work? It skyrocketed.

Almost 25 years on and ElaN Languages is a leading player in the language business with offices in Brussels, Flanders, Wallonia, the Netherlands, France and Russia, with 40 members of staff and 1,800 freelancers. ElaN didn’t stop here. They decided to reach the remotest corner of the world and so took the online plunge, with WizIQ as its teaching partner!

Taking the Online Plunge
After a successful run for more than 20 years, ElaN Languages decided it was time they launched an online platform that catered to every language enthusiast in the world. Rising customer requests from overseas and the need to stay ahead of the competition provided impetus for online expansion. MyElan, ElaN’s online platform, was thus born in 2012.

Search for a Live Virtual Classroom & Partnership with WizIQ

Elan Languages wanted to give every client the power to connect face-to-face with an ElaN expert at anytime, from anywhere and each on their own screen. They began searching for a powerful online classroom that guaranteed a complete online learning experience: whiteboard, chat function, webcam, high-quality audio and video clips. They also wanted a virtual classroom that could be seamlessly integrated with their website.

After a thorough evaluation process of the various platforms that were available such as Scriblar and Adobe Connect, ElaN finally decided to give WizIQ Virtual Classroom API integration a shot. The platform’s ease of use and multiplicity of features impressed the team at ElaN Languages. Teachers could teach directly from ElaN’s website, without having to go to WizIQ. Same went for students: A single sign-up for students took them directly into the online classroom.

Leveraging WizIQ Virtual Classroom’s Powerful Features

Besides the hassle-free, easy API integration, ElaN benefitted from several state-of-the-art features of WizIQ Virtual Classroom, such as:

  1. Real time communication and collaboration tools

  • Live text chat, multi-way VoIP audio chat, and video chat for up to 6 people
  • Live video streaming of the instructor
  • Polls for gathering feedback and evaluating student learning
  1. Content Sharing Tools

  • Upload documents, PDFs, PPTs, audio and video files prior to class
  • Access digital content library within live class at a button’s click
  • Upload content on-the-fly during the live session
  • Play audio and video files via built-in Media Player
  1. Interactive Whiteboard Tools

  • Math tool, with arrows and other visual cues
  • Drawing tool, with pointers, markers, graphics and much more
  • Writing tool with multilingual support
  • Multiple whiteboards using browser-like tabs
  1. Recording Tools

  • Live recording of each session that students can view and download for revision
  • Detailed reports to know who viewed or downloaded the class recordings
  1. Customization Tools

  • Configure your multilingual interface to communicate in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew, Thai, Chinese and Russian.
  • Co-brand the WizIQ Virtual Classroom and add your own logo in your online tutoring website.

With all these tools available at their service, ElaN reached a global audience with over 72 live sessions being delivered on average on WizIQ Virtual Classroom every week.

What ElaN Says About WizIQ

“The best thing about WizIQ is that there are no hassles of downloads involved. Everything is simple and easy. I would definitely recommend WizIQ to other teachers and students.”

Download the complete case study on ElaN Languages here.

Start Your Own Online Language Academy with WizIQ

ElaN Languages started at a time when the word “eLearning” was not even born. Today, anyone can set up and run their teaching business online without requiring any infrastructure or upfront costs.

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