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Hey everyone – I haven’t written much lately – I’ve had my sleeves rolled up dealing with a number of initiatives here at WizIQ and I’m really excited about the results. I wanted to take a few moments though and share some feedback from one of our users. She’s been using WizIQ for a while now and I think her comments really reflect the potential of our platform. We have received a testimonial from her today and I am pleased to share it with you all.

“My experience of using the WizIQ Virtual Classroom – Halina Ostańkowicz-Bazan”

I have been using WizIQ since February 2011. I was looking for some inspiration to improve my teaching methods and learning how to teach using new technologies.  I was raised with music around me so it has always been my passion and significant way of living. As a music lover, I strongly believe that teaching language using songs is an effective and enjoyable way of developing language skills.

Searching for new ways I met Louis George Machlan, talking about a role of music in teaching on WizIQ. I started a discussion Music in teaching English and it was my beginning. (Posted on 13 February 2011 B.Adams is a very good way! I use songs very often discussion WizIQ.) George had helped me a lot. He was very encouraging, motivating, supporting and most of all tremendously patient with me. George took his time to provide me with very sympathetic pieces of advice. He was my mentor and a teacher. I learned exceedingly from George.  George is enthusiastic about his Edupunk and WizIQ as a community.

WizIQ has fascinated me since I found the Platform and met George Machlan in Feb 2011. This is why I am a member of The Edupunk Team and give public conversational classes on WizIQ based on different American songs.  I find Virtual Classes very exciting and challenging, they make attendees feel like having a real meeting and discussion.  Visual aspect and non-verbal communication, as well as tools you can share with attendees are extremely significant.

Moreover, an opportunity to speak online with people from around the world and possibility to connect for teaching in addition to learning – is an overwhelming experience. A chance to meet people from all the Glob is one of the reasons I appreciate WizIQ so much. Over and above this, I find talking about Culture and Cultural Differences interesting and fascinating.

Thanks to WizIQ I have made friends with wonderful people who I appreciate and have a high regard for. Nellie Deutsch is one of them. She is a remarkable person, teacher and a friend.  Also without WizIQ support and their help, I will never make it.

Thank you very much for everything, for all the tools and Virtual Classroom. You are the best. Using WizIQ and enjoying VC is a vibrant experience.

Polish and English Teacher from Poland

I’m so grateful to Sukhpreet, Dr. Deutsch, and the WizIQ staff for holding my hand every step of the way. They were kind, responsive, and great to work with. They connected me to other readers and writers and I’m happy to have been part of this experience!

Harman Singh

Harman is the founder of WizIQ, which he originated in 2006 as an education technology expert with the goal of helping students connect with teachers online. He is the visionary behind WizIQ’s product and platform strategy, which is focused on creating the best virtual classroom technology to bring live classroom teaching to the students through the Internet, right on their computers. Other than spending most of his free time passionately debating the next step for WizIQ with his team, he enjoys traveling to faraway lands. Harman holds a masters degree in Computer Science from NC State University in Raleigh.

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