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GET SMART, TEST SMART: Create Custom Online Tests with WizIQ


“Okay class, time for the test!”

test smart
The swell of groaning students reaches a thunderous crescendo within a matter of seconds, each pupil viewing the teacher who utters these words as an adversary of sorts. Seriously though, I haven’t met a single child who looks forward to taking tests, even online tests. Too many students just see them as a kind of necessary evil that they must endure to get a passing grade so they never have to take the test or the class again.

create online test

Testing isn’t a bed of roses for teachers either, though. To create an online test takes a lot of time and energy, and requires assimilating information from various course materials on the subject. Despite all the teacher’s effort to create an online quiz, students often don’t even bother studying until a test is around the corner, and then they cram to retain the information just long enough to finish the test— not exactly the hallmark of an efficient learning process. So what is the answer?

To help students engage with the material and better retain knowledge, tests should seem less like obstacles or challenges and more like integral components of the learning process. At first, this might seem easier said than done. In fact though, more effective testing that both measures and promotes learning is possible, and the benefits to the students make it more than worth the effort.

Treating tests as high-stakes events means increased pressure on students and teachers alike. On the other hand, integrating online assessment tests into daily learning activities allows both students and teachers the opportunity to improve the efficiency of the process. Studies have shown that students tend to retain information much better when assessments are integrated into class and given on a more regular basis, also known as the “testing effect.”

The question, then, is: Is this possible? The answer is yes, particularly with the help of the WizIQ Online Testing System, one simple solution which helps you create thorough, effective online tests that can be conducted across the world in real time.

All you need to do is create a teaching account on WizIQ, and you’ll be ready to quickly and easily create comprehensive tests that can be administered and proctored using the Online Testing System. The process itself is simple, and WizIQ’s create test online helps you to get and test smart.

WizIQ’s test and assessment gives you a number of options to create the kind of online tests for students which you want. Using a wide range of tools, you can create questions including multiple font formats, symbols, mathematical equations, drawings, and images. Even more, teachers can also use these tools to provide and show students explanations of correct answers.

You can create multiple-choice and true/false questions with the WizIQ online test generator, as well as open questions where students provide the answer themselves. Not only that, you can even throw your students a curve-ball with questions that have more than one correct answer! To ease the burden of timing and scheduling on the teacher, tests can also be scheduled to activate and deactivate at assigned times.

WizIQ’s online test setting options enable you to create timed tests, as well as limit the number of times a student can attempt a particular online assessment. Multiple marking scheme options also make online testing easier. You can either assign individual scores to each question or assign the same score to each question. You can even activate negative marking for tests, in which the students can be penalized 25%, 50%, 75%, and even 100% of the question score for providing an incorrect answer. This mimics many standardized tests and will help students practice for those, as well as encourage them to focus on the questions they know and avoid putting just any answer down.

Managing and scoring a lot of online tests can be difficult, but WizIQ makes it simple. For example, you don’t have to worry about creating and keeping track of multiple test drafts – just save your tests in-progress and come back to develop them at a later time. To proctor tests and help curb cheating, you can categorize questions in sections, and then shuffle the order of sections, questions, and answers to create different versions of the same test. You can also generate a detailed, easy-to-read scorecard for each student that displays different aspects of their performance, as well as create summary scorecards for the class, and all of these can be shared with students through social media and email.

With these features and much more at your fingertips, imagine how convenient it can be for both teachers and students to conduct and take online tests with WizIQ. The Online Testing System makes it a lot easier to integrate testing into the academic process and give assessments more regularly. By doing so, you can help students overcome some of the intimidating effects tests have on them while also using more frequent assessments to improve their knowledge retention and academic performance significantly.

So get smart – and test smart – today, with the WizIQ online test generator! Sign up with WizIQ and create a free public test to see for yourself exactly how easy it is. Then, just imagine how refreshing it will be to hear your students’ enthusiasm the next time you tell them the once-dreaded news that “it’s test time.”


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