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The next innovative way to learn online

I have been using WizIQ’s virtual classroom for many years now. I started using it to hold online classes for home-school students. I taught from home while my students learned on their own computers in their  own homes. Later I used it to teach a hybrid class in which I had some online students and some in-person students. In addition, I have utilized WizIQ’s recording feature to make my presentations available 24/7 to my students. They we’re able to get access via an embed on my class website or just go directly to WizIQ.com and view the recordings from there.

I have often held online review sessions for my mainstream classroom after school hours. One of the most innovative ways I have used the virtual classroom was to bring in outside experts for the purposes of vertical integration. Having done all of this, I am still looking for new ways to draw my students into the learning experience. So you can imagine my joy when I heard that WizIQ was releasing an app for the iPad. Now students wouldn’t have to remain at home waiting for class to start. They also wouldn’t have to haul around a laptop in order to be mobile. The WizIQ App has made it possible to be truly mobile while learning, anytime, anywhere, on the most popular tablet in world.

Go mobile with ease

If Apple has a cult following, I am an iPhone junky. I have had every model on the market. I have wanted to get an iPad since it was released, but have put it off until now. However, when I learned that WizIQ was releasing an app I decided to go ahead and get the iPad.  After setting up my new toy I went to the app store and installed the WizIQ app.

I was expecting a learning curve when using the app but it was quite simple. All I had to do was choose which class(es) I was interested in on the WizIQ website and click on “join.” Later I found that when I was invited to a class by an instructor, I didn’t even have to go to the website. The class automatically appeared on the WizIQ App when I signed in. The classes that were in the future were automatically listed when I signed in. Other information that appeared on the App was the time the class started and an icon that said “launch.” When ready, all I had to do was touch the launch button and a count-down timer started. I was able to accept or decline audio and video control from the presenter (i.e., whether or not I wanted to talk or be seen on the screen).

I could not believe the clarity of sound and the vivid color the classroom had on my iPad. I also experimented with raising my hand and texting on the chat screen, in addition to writing on the whiteboard and scrolling through the documents the presenter uploaded. For about an hour, I was able to put myself in my students’ shoes and experience the excitement of going mobile while learning.

This version of the app, by the way, is very much directed towards to the student experience. Future versions will include additional features for teachers, but even now, the level of interactivity between the iPad and the virtual whiteboard portends one heck of a great tool for teaching as well as learning.

7 Simple Steps to Go Mobile on WizIQ

  1. Go to the App Store on your iPad and type WizIQ in the search screen
  2. Click on +Free and then again on INSTALL APP
  3. Enter your Apple ID Password
  4. Click on the WizIQ App once it is installed
  5. You can either sign in to WizIQ or enter a class link if you have an account, or click on Login as Guest

  6. Once you sign in you will see the classes you have either joined on WizIQ.com or have been invited to by a presenter.
  7. Click on Launch Class and a countdown timer will appear until class starts.
Deborah Cruthers

Deborah J. Cruthers has been involved in education for 13 years. She has taught grades K-12 for public, private, and home school students in special education, mainstream, and advanced classrooms. Her experience with educational technology includes cloud based learning in the following venues: synchronous, asynchronous, blended, and virtual classrooms.

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