Happy Holidays from WizIQ!

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We wish all teachers and students a very happy holiday season. 2011 wasn’t an easy year for many people, when ongoing financial troubles worldwide and a seemingly endless string of natural disasters created nearly insurmountable challenges. Yet people continue to rise above and we wish each and every one of you fun, good fortune, and prosperity in the year to come.

2011 has been an eventful and encouraging year for all of us at WizIQ, with more and more students registering to fulfill their learning needs through our platform. WizIQ is now home to over 1.5 million users, including teachers, trainers, teaching organizations, and students!

Happy Holidays from WizIQ

Reaching this milestone would not have been possible without the support, feedback, and continuous engagement of our amazing teachers. More important than raw numbers, our advanced features are creating a buzz in learning communities around the world, bringing in new teachers and students every day. For a bit of year-end fun, we took a trip down memory lane, digging up all of the features added to WizIQ in 2011.

Let’s take a quick walk through the features, updates, milestones from the past year that we’ve chronicled on our blog:


So about this whole Flash thing…

Announcing the New Blog of WizIQ

WizIQ Launches Virtual Classroom Building Block for Blackboard Learn (TM)

Unveiling the new WizIQ logo

Changes to WiZiQ Privacy Policy and Terms of User Agreement

Announcing Virtual Classroom Plugin for Seamless Integration with Instructure Canvas

The WizIQ Virtual Classroom — Coming soon on the iPad!

Feature updates and using WizIQ

The Roadmap: Where great features go to die?

Improve Student Performance by Capturing Lectures

New improved media player in the virtual classroom – better YouTube playback and much more…

Now Teachers Can Create Online Courses and Earn More – For Free

Just launched – the new developers’ portal on WizIQ for easy virtual classroom integration in websites

A new function in the content library on WizIQ

Now an image library for WizIQ courses

Polls added to the Virtual Classroom and more!

Now short URLs for your learning resources on WizIQ

Schedule the same class multiple times – recurring class feature launched on WizIQ

WiZiQ Live Class Module for Moodle Now Works with Moodle 2.0.2


The Des Moines Area Community Colleges to start using the WizIQ Virtual Classroom this fall

WizIQ Wins at the World Education Awards 2011!

WizIQ was the Virtual Classroom Partner at the “Excellence in Higher Education” IIT Delhi conference

Research and news

Top 5 Ed Tech Predictions for 2012

Charter schools and virtual classrooms: Standing out from the pack

Looking for relevant videos?

Keeping students engaged over the holidays

Key Issues with American Public Schools: Are Virtual Classrooms the Solution?

Change.edu – Thoughts from Andrew Rosen, CEO of Kaplan, Inc.

iPad in Ed: Here to Stay or a Passing Fad?

Traditional and Virtual Classrooms – What’s the Difference?

Top 5 Trends in Online Education

5 Uses of QR Codes in the Classroom

5 Reasons the iPad 2 Rocks in the Classroom

Flipped classrooms! Have you started yet?


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