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Happy New Year from WizIQ!


2015 is around the corner!

As we enter the New Year and bid adieu to 2014 and all the years we left behind, we talk about democratizing education; online teaching tools; quality teaching; cloud-based Learning Management Systems, hands-on & hassle-free software; built-in Virtual Classrooms, online testing platforms, assessments, virtual schools, mLearning, cloud-based libraries, online teaching communities, and so much more.

We also talk about new office spaces, ventures, partnerships and innovations.

All of these to make world a better place for educators and learners. As we pledge to bring to you a world full of possibilities, we thought it would be nice to share WizIQ in News in 2014:

…WizIQ launches online learning marketplace offering live instructor-led online learning, which enables students to choose from courses offered by thousands of instructors. The firm claims that educators and organisations can create quality online courses with live or self-paced instruction, in a short time. The courses on WizIQ are all created and owned by instructors, providing complete freedom to educators and organisations to manage and charge for their content and teaching services.

                                           – Sainul K Abudheen, WizIQ launches online learning marketplace, to offer live-instructor-led learning, Techcircle.in

… WizIQ Inc enables educators and education service providers to teach online, allowing education to scale up and reach wherever there is access to the internet.

– Rohit Koshy, The Wizard of IQ, The New Indian Express

…virtual instruction is great, as long as it’s driven by an instructor. When it comes to learning, the human element is still key.

–  Laura Vanderkam, Can people really learn at their own pace, Fast Company

…it’s almost as if there’s an arms race in online education,” is how TechCrunch described it, when reporting on Coursera’s global expansion last year. Other international moves by e-learning providers last year included EdX adding six schools to its international roster and WizIQ launching India’s first free MOOC.

–  Judy Quinn, The soaring growth in global e-learning market, SkilledUp

…WizIQ LMS is distinguishing itself from traditional on-premises LMSes by offering cloud-based implementation that requires no dedicated IT support to set up; built-in video streaming; the ability to share content that students can view directly online; and optional implementation of WizIQ Virtual Classroom for offering live sessions.

– Dian Schaffhauser, WizIQ rolls out new cloud LMS, Campus Technology

…offer the company’s tutors and students the ability to see and talk to each other as they review test questions and concepts on a shared virtual whiteboard. allows us to pre-open new markets so we can save resources until we know an area is large enough to justify a physical presence.

– Julie Weed, Small Companies Use Low-Cost Technology to Increase Foreign Sales, The New York Times

…WizIQ is hosting a free, self-paced MOOC in online teaching skills. The course is four weeks long and will include a live online classroom — a particular new initiative for this platform — along with tutorial pages and quizzes.

– Robert McGuire, News Rundown: K-12 Role In College and Career Readiness, SkilledUp

…created and overseen by Jason R. Levine, the free MOOC introduces participants to a variety of online teaching experts. It is designed for teachers with or without any previous experience in online teaching.

– Christopher Piehler, WizIQ Offers Free Mooc on Online Teaching Skills, The Journal

…this iPad app has been featured on a number of media sites like Mashable and New York Times.  With this application, you can now join and attend live classes wherever you are.  Whether you are taking a break in your office or just sitting pretty in the comfort of your own home, you can still learn a thing or two via WizIQ Virtual Classroom iPad app.
-Patrick Garde, WizIQ iPad APP Review, iPadApps Reviewer


…one of the biggest criticisms of MOOCs is the lack of regular interaction between the student and teacher. WizIQ seeks to resolve this issue by offering professionals looking to polish up their job skills a hybrid solution that blends the unique features of the traditional classroom learning experience (i.e. actual face-to-face live interactive instruction, teaching assistant, assignments and lab work) with all of the advantages of online learning (i.e. self-paced instruction with videos, presentations, tests, peer interaction, etc.). Some of their classes even offer students access to virtual labs to run programs that practice real-world scenarios. For individual learners, course prices seem to vary widely from free to several hundred dollars.

…the modern MOOC — without live and interactive teacher engagement — is essentially an Internet version of a book. That said, there is tremendous potential for the MOOC to evolve in a major…the modern MOOC — without live and interactive teacher engagement — is essentially an Internet version of a book. That said, there is tremendous potential for the MOOC to evolve in a major way. To reduce dropout rates, the MOOC must be structured around live teacher engagement.
-Carolyn Elefant, Lessons from MOOCs About the Future of Law, myShingle.com


As you look towards the New Year, we hope that you’ll teach and learn more with WizIQ. And we’ll cheer you on in 2016 if you share your goals with us on Twitter at #WizIQGoals!

Happy New Year! We look forward to seeing you all in 2015.


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