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Using WizIQ

It’s been a long time coming, but the WizIQ Virtual Classroom is finally available as an official plug in to the Instructure Canvas LMS. We announced at EDUCAUSE that we were among Instructure’s launch partners for their new partner program. Several code iterations, a total virtual classroom upgrade, and a few months later we’re finally here.

WizIQ Virtual Classroom is now available through the conferencing module of Canvas, allowing impromptu tutoring sessions, meetings, virtual office hours, and on online classes with just a few clicks. The Virtual Classroom went into beta testing on Canvas early last month and entered production as part of Instructure’s scheduled February release.

To use WizIQ in Canvas…

Your school or organization needs a WizIQ account and a Canvas instance, either the open source community edition or the Instructure-hosted software. Open source users can configure the plug in once they start their 30-day free trial of WizIQ. Users running the hosted version can either contact WizIQ sales (sales@wiziq.com) or their Instructure account managers for more details (Instructure configures all of their plugins individually for customers).

Try before you buy!!

Our sales and support teams would be happy to arrange a demo of WizIQ within Instructure Canvas and provide quotes based on the number of teachers and classroom participants your school expects to deploy (don’t worry, it’s just as cost-effective as ever and even here, that 30-day free trial is always available so that you can see for yourself what a full-blown classroom-in-the-cloud can do for you and your students. You’re already using a state of the art LMS – why not add a state of the art synchronous meeting solution, as well?

Christopher Dawson

Chris is a full-time online teacher since then, focusing on teaching Business English to Adults. Rather than pushing the boundaries of technology, Chris seeks to simplify the online learning process by focusing on authentic human connections as a way to make online learning accessible for learners of all ages.

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