Patrick Farenga on Homeschooling

Listen and Learn
My daughter begged me to be homeschooled just before she started high school, but I didn’t listen. I was afraid. I knew nothing about it when she approached me. She said her school was too big and it looked like a factory. She didn’t understand why schools didn’t let her just learn and kept pressuring her with exams. She compromised, had lots of stomach aches before going to school every morning. She couldn’t wait to finish high school and go on to university where she knew she would enjoy learning and she did.

Kids Need Better
I’ve been teaching high school children for many years and I see my daughter in each and every one of them. Kids hate what’s happening in school. Nikhil Goyal is right when he writes that One Size Does Not Fit ALL. Schools no longer cater to today’s youths or the world’s social and economic needs. Homeschooling has come to the rescue for many who cannot wait until the school system changes.

Learn from Patrick Farenga
“Patrick Farenga is a writer and editor with a passion for technology, children, and education; he is also an authority on homeschooling. His work includes articles about how to use computers, business case studies, and white papers on technical issues. His education writing includes the book Teach Your Own: The John Holt Book of Homeschooling, the homeschooling article for the online version of Encyclopedia Britannica” (bloggers at educationalit).

Conversation on WizIQ with Patrick Farenga
Join the conversation with Patrick Farenga, a leader in the homeschooling movement, on WizIQ on April 12 at 10 EST and find out what can and should be done to change the school system from where it counts, at home.

Parents and Homeschooling
Homeschooling may seem difficult for some parents, but it’s not. The Internet has many resources for parents to read. Parents can learn how to homeschool their children and get research-based information that it’s not only valid, but worthwhile.

WizIQ Education Online
Parents can homeschool their children using Teresa home schools her children using WizIQ. Find out more about the Chicken Coop and how you can homeschool your children.

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