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Hotline Tutoring Services: Prof Express Leads the Way With WizIQ’s Help

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Charlie is completing his English homework due for submission tomorrow. Being it a foreign language, he is unsure if he is doing it right. He dreads his paper being covered in red ink the next day. Only if he could get his answers reviewed by a subject matter expert before final submission.   

Alex is preparing for his mathematics exam to be held tomorrow. He finds himself stuck with a particular equation and frantically tries again and again but with no success. His parents and friends are no help either. Alex is dead sure the problem will come in the papers tomorrow.

Charlie and Alex are amongst thousands of students who are victims of examination stress and deadline pressure. If only they could get help from an expert instantaneously!

Well, at least the students of France can! Thanks to Prof Express, a unique online tutoring service that works like a hotline. If a student finds himself stuck somewhere, he just needs to request Prof Express to be contacted by a live teacher and the same is arranged without any delay. The live class is delivered by a Prof Express instructor via the WizIQ Virtual Classroom, the technological partner of Prof Express.

Through the WizIQ Virtual Classroom, Prof Express is able to provide live, one-to-one instruction to students. This unique approach has made this service a big hit in France with 50,000 students across the country using the company’s services and taking live classes on the WizIQ Virtual Classroom.

More About Prof Express

Launched in 2007, the company has a team of teachers certified by National Education. The company offers online tutoring in varied subjects like English, Chemistry, French, Geography, History, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, etc. to students between the age of 6 to 20 years.

A remarkable thing about this company is that it offers all these services without charging anything from the students’ families! This company instead has tie-ups with over 500 associations and organizations all over France who in turn pay for the company’s services on behalf of their workers. These workers are parents who want their child to receive supplemental education.

Since the launch, more than 25,000 families have benefited from this arrangement. Kids are not only getting better grades in schools but are enjoying the new learning experience generated by the online medium!

Why Prof Express Chose WizIQ Virtual Classroom for Live Tutoring

Prof Express initially tried out an online learning platform to deliver live tutoring. They weren’t however completely satisfied with it. Limited features, in particular the absence of a white labelled live classroom, disappointed them. They began looking for a technological solution that offered:

  • White Label Solution: Prof Express wanted that a students’ focus always remains on the content and not the medium. Besides, since they were using a third party solution integrated into their website, white labelled feature became all the more important.
  • Reliability: The company wanted the technological solution to run smoothly across all devices to ensure that students could quickly take help regardless of the device they are using.
  • Powerful Whiteboard: Since many students needed help in mathematical problems, a whiteboard that allowed both the teacher and student to use mathematical symbols and draw shapes was a must in the virtual classroom.

Prof Express came across WizIQ Virtual Classroom and found that it not only met the above three requirements but also offered a host of other features like:

  • Multi-Lingual Support: WizIQ Virtual Classroom offers versatile multilingual support in 19 languages, including French. The classroom thus offers the winning combination of international standards and local learning environment.
  • Smooth Integration on Website via APIs: WizIQ Virtual Classroom gets smoothly integrated into a tutoring company’s website; students need not install or download anything.
  • Instant Scheduling of Classes: WizIQ Virtual Classroom allows setting up of a class in seconds. Students have to request for a live teacher and within seconds, one-to-one instruction or group instruction can be provided to students.
  • One-on-One Teacher Student Interaction: WizIQ Virtual Classroom provides multiple channels of communication like live text, audio or video chat between teacher and student. The virtual classroom also provides multi-way audio and video chat if more than one student is attending the session.
  • Tablet Friendly, User Friendly: WizIQ is compatible with the latest iOS and Android devices, making on-the-go learning easy. This empowers students to take help anywhere, at any time. Besides, WizIQ Virtual Classroom has an intuitive interface that even non-technical users would find easy to use.
  • Rich Whiteboard: WizIQ Virtual Classroom has an interactive, feature-rich whiteboard that makes it highly simple for instructors as well as students to write notes on the whiteboard with a pen tool, use mathematical symbols to teach algebra, draw shapes, erase whiteboard content, etc. 
  • Co-Branding or White Label: WizIQ Virtual Classroom allows organizations to co-brand the virtual classroom or choose to keep it entirely white-labeled to avoid any distractions.
  • Display Diverse Content Formats in Class: Prof Express’ teachers can share documents, presentations, videos, etc. in class to make the learning easier and more enjoyable for their students. They are able to do that by accessing their Content Library in the live class or upload content directly from their desktop. WizIQ Virtual Classroom also has an in-built Media Player to play any audio or video, including YouTube videos, in the live classroom.
  • Recorded Sessions: WizIQ provides recordings of each live session which students can revisit anytime and parents can review.
Prof Express Shows the Way to Other Tutoring Services

Prof Express has become an instant solution for both students as well as parents. It has relieved the parents of the task of hiring the services of home tutors and paying for them. Students can simply connect to a live teacher in seconds. For their unique approach,  Prof Express was awarded the “citizen” of SFR development and was part of the 22 companies nominated for the Prix Crea 13 of the General Council of Bouches-du-Rhône.

WizIQ Virtual Classroom gave them the power to deliver this unique hotline service to students.

Their success story is evident from these figures:

  • 500 organizations have tied-up with Prof Express to deliver online training to their employees’ kids
  • 50,000 students all over France taking guidance from Prof Express’ instructors
  • Hundreds of classes delivered every month via WizIQ Virtual Classroom
  • More than 25,000 families who benefit from this service without cost to themselves
What Prof Express Say About WizIQ

We have been using WizIQ Virtual Classroom for the last 5 years and all our users, students and tutors are very pleased with it. Easy to use and intuitive, the product proved itself to be reliable across many different platforms, which is a great asset for us working with a significant number of students across France.” Cedrick Derycke, Founder, Prof Express

WizIQ empowered Prof Express to deliver live, hotline tutoring services to students all over France. It’s time you start your online tutoring business too! If you have never used a virtual classroom before, don’t worry. It’s very simple to use.

You can drop in a mail at support@wiziq.com to seek a live demo of the platform and the virtual classroom. We have 24/7 customer and technical support. You can even request 14-days free trial to try your hands on the award-winning WizIQ Virtual Classroom by contacting sales@wiziq.com or by clicking the link below:

Claim Your 14-day Free Trial Now!

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