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How do companies improve employee training?

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Why are the fastest growing companies choosing online training for their employees?

The most important resource that any company can have is the human resource. But each trainee hired by a company must be first fine-tuned into a suitable employee. Of course, this poses a formidable challenge to organizations in terms of effectively training multiple candidates, each with different learning needs and often in multiple locations.

Traditionally, organizations hired trainers (usually expensive) for employee training. Recently, to create their own training infrastructure and make learning a constant attribute of the organization, many businesses have begun investing in Learning Management Systems (LMSs) for employee training and development. However, the costs involved in doing so are often a major cause of concern for any organization. But, thanks to online training, things are changing quickly.

Online employee training and development has made overcoming these challenges easier and far more effective as well. Now, businesses can not only design and deliver their own training modules, but also manage and enhance the capabilities of their existing employee base as well.

There are many challenges faced by most organizations when it comes to training. Here’s how online training solutions (like the one provided by WizIQ) help businesses overcome these challenges with ease.

Customer Support:

One of the most frequent issues most clients face is inadequate customer support for any issues related to the employee training software. Companies require round-the-clock support in different time zones through preferred support channels (email, phone, and chat) with quickest possible turnaround time. The vendors providing this kind of support are far and few.

  • The WizIQ Advantage: WizIQ has a dedicated team of support professionals available to address any customer queries or issues round-the-clock via phone, live chat and email. The turnaround time for issue resolution is 1 business day.

Updating the training software:

Another common problem with owning employee training software is constantly updating it to make the most of your IT investment. While this requires time and technical assistance, the updated version may still fall short of expectations.

  • The WizIQ Advantage: Users need no longer worry about downtime when it comes to updates with WizIQ. WizIQ provides a cloud-based online training solution which allows you to always have access to the latest version of the software without any delay. The solution scales up as your training needs change with time. In addition, the total cost of ownership (TCO) is limited to your subscription plan, which is considerably lower than owning your training software. If there is any issue, as always, the WizIQ Support team is always standing by to help you out.

Ease of use:

Many training systems have a lot of additional features which make them difficult to navigate. However, ease-of-use does not mean a compromise on the platform’s efficiency. Presenting these features in a way that would not only be easy to understand for first-time users but also powerful enough so that experienced users can quickly perform the tasks they wish to, is a challenge few training software have overcome.

  • The WizIQ Advantage: With clear design and intuitive navigation, companies using WizIQ do not have to go searching for the features they need to use. Creating courses, scheduling live training sessions, administering online tests or uploading training resources can all be done with just a few clicks of the mouse. With clear authoring and management processes, users of this platform enjoy complete clarity and control over all their activities on this platform at all times.

Effective Employee Training:

Many organizations are looking for consistent training solutions which can be implemented for every batch of trainees, without their involvement while still making sure that the training delivered is still as effective, if not more so.

  • The WizIQ Advantage: Businesses using WizIQ can make use of instructor-led, live courses, which are ideal in a situation where real-time interaction between instructor and learners is critical to meeting course objectives. A self-paced course should be created when learners need to learn at their own pace, or they can’t connect with peers and instructor at the same time due to different time zones or other commitments.

Resource Optimization:

Time management is also a challenge for organizations with offices in multiple locations. Many of them have to send representatives to out-station locations for meetings, creating additional travel costs which are borne by the business.

  • The WizIQ Advantage: Business owners can also conduct business meetings online using live video chats with up to 6 participants and live audio chats with an unlimited number of participants, no matter where they are. Attendees can participate in such meetings using their internet-enabled smartphones and tablet devices too. No more travel expenses and no more time wasted.

Well-defined roles:

Most employee training software offers different account types but do not have a clear distinction between the different functions each type of account can perform. This often leads to confusion among users.

  • The WizIQ Advantage: WizIQ has well-defined roles and clearly-outlined responsibilities for trainee, trainer and administrator accounts. Each of these user account types contain a relevant feature set based on the individual roles in the training process.

Allows Trainees to:

  • Access self-paced training modules
  • Participate in live training sessions
  • Take scheduled tests and regular assignments for assessment

Allows Trainers to:

  • Design, schedule and manage courses
  • Upload course content
  • Control access that each trainee has to classes, courses and course content
  • Analyze the learner engagement in terms of content consumed by the learners and measure success if a course

Allows Administrators to:

  • Enjoy complete control over the platform including granting permissions to trainers and trainees alike
  • Do everything trainers and trainees can
  • Analyze the performance of every trainer in their academy
  • Analyze the performance of every trainee in their academy
  • Analyze the performance of all the content used in the delivered courses

Better reporting:

A common complaint among corporate training software users has been inadequate report generation and performance analysis features in the software. Users often need detailed insights into the effectiveness or performance of their training programs in order to identify exactly what is working and what isn’t.

  • The WizIQ Advantage: WizIQ provides a better set of reporting features which means that trainers do not have to spend hours doing research. With just a few clicks of the mouse, administrative users can generate detailed reports, complete with charts and graphs to measure the performance of every component of every course, be it a trainer’s or a trainee’s performance, course content consumption patterns, individual session or overall course performance too.


Lastly, another major concern of companies is the cost or investment required to train their employees. Most traditional businesses hire a trainer who must then be briefed on the training required for the employees. Most training systems are expensive and require additional investment in IT infrastructure. They also need a dedicated  IT team for their maintenance as well, leading to their increased cost.

  • The WizIQ Advantage: WizIQ offers great affordability, with no hidden costs and long-term contracts to worry about. To get started with WizIQ, just create a free account to try out all its features. Once you are satisfied with the features, you can upgrade to a Premium plan based on your training needs. WizIQ does not require any technical training, advanced computer skills, special hardware or additional software to run. All it takes is a few minutes to set up, add instructors, enroll trainees and start training.

WizIQ can play a key role in the employee training and development by providing an integrated, easy-to-use, and cost-effective training solution that caters to both immediate and long-term training needs of the workforce.

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