How Meeting Tools Are Different From Virtual Classrooms?


The virtual classroom has revolutionized classroom learning and changed how we learn and work together in just a few short years.

A growing number of companies are using e-learning or virtual classrooms to enhance their position as learning solutions.

What Is A Meeting Tool, And How Do You Use It?

The meeting tool is a play on the word “seminar” because it’s a web-based seminar. A meeting tool is an event that takes place online where participants and the speaker are connected via their computers.

It is a meeting tool, which can be described as an interactive event. This means that a lecture, seminar or workshop can be hosted online via video conferencing software.

What Is A Virtual Classroom?

A virtual classroom allows for peer-to-peer discussions and group learning. It’s an online learning and teaching environment, which typically involves an end number of people.

Participants can communicate, interact and discuss presentations using breakout rooms and a variety of interactive tools.

As businesses seek to remain competitive, organizations are turning to virtual classrooms for training. WizIQ virtual classrooms are available online today through e-learning, distance education, and mobile learning.

How Are Meeting Tools Different From Virtual Classrooms?


A meeting tool is an interactive event, video workshop or lecture hosted online using video conferencing software. In a meeting tool, a speaker or group of speakers receives and discusses information in real-time. 

On the other side, virtual classrooms are online learning and teaching environments that allow students and tutors to interact, collaborate, and share ideas.


Meeting tools serve three main purposes: brand showcasing, traffic, lead generation. A meeting tool’s primary goal is to discuss a topic that is interesting and informative for participants.

Meeting tools can promote products or services by including polls, surveys, or Q&A that further enhance collaboration.

WizIQ virtual classroom tool offers you to complete and to connect it to a Learning Management Platform (LMS). This allows you to offer all the training programs you have created in an easy step.


A meeting tool is a digital seminar where participants and speakers receive information and discuss it in real-time.

On the other hand, virtual classrooms are highly interactive online sessions that facilitate permanent classes/rooms for the flexible schedule.

The session is typically delivered in full whiteboard view, where full focus is needed on content to maximize interaction.

Meeting Tool Hardly Need Digital Library, But Virtual Classroom Need:

  • Upload your existing teaching materials once. It can be shared unlimited times.
  • All types of files can be stored easily on the cloud
  • You can view and play files online without the need to download them.
  • Each organization will receive an exclusive drive
  • Set download permission for students.
  • Students can even have their digital library.


Even though we are better than meeting tools, we still discuss a small piece of technology needed in education. It is designed by experts who work in education technology for more than a decade.

To achieve this, WizIQ virtual classroom software offers several additional tools that have optimized their workflow for the education and corporate sector on professional and academic projects.

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