What is a breakout room

How to create and manage a breakout room in WizIQ Meet

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What is a Breakout Room?

Breakout rooms are additional rooms where you can host sub-group meetings, classes, or any other type of events for your attendees and work with them in separate, smaller groups.

Manage breakout rooms

Moderators can manage a Breakout room from the main session window. Once you have created Rooms in WizIQ Meet, a Breakout Rooms tab will automatically appear above the User’s List. This control panel provides an overview of all Breakout Rooms, including the number of participants in each Room and their usernames. 

You also have the following capabilities as a Moderator:

  • Join Room: Select this option to instantly join a Breakout Room.
  • Join Audio: Select this option to connect with audio only to a Breakout Room. 
  • End All Breakout Rooms: Select this option to close all Breakout Rooms early.

What is a breakout room

Re-assigning Participants to a Breakout Room

If a participant exits a Breakout Room, they can re-enter the room they were assigned to on their own. When Breakout Rooms are active, all participants have access to the Breakout Rooms tab in the main lobby but with different options. 

Participants can rejoin their Room by opening the Breakout Rooms tab and clicking on the “Join Room” link.

Breakout room with WizIQ Meet


However, if a participant leaves and rejoins the session, or if they were not present in the session when the Breakout Rooms were created, they will need to be invited to a Breakout Room by a Moderator in the session.

To send a breakout room invitation:

  1. To the right of the Users List, click the Setting icon.

In the drop-down menu, select Breakout room invitation.

How to create breakout room


NOTE: The Public Chat and Shared Notes in the Breakout Room will disappear when the Rooms close.

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