How to Create Efficient Online Quizzes on WizIQ and Google Drive

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When well-made and thoughtfully administered, tests are oh-so-useful for both teaching and learning. I am going to show you how you can use both Google Drive as well as the WizIQ Test Creator to create and administer tests that will help you understand what your students are learning and what they still need to master.

Do you want to create an engaging Test or Quiz with many different kinds of questions?

This process takes a few minutes, but the results are user friendly. Scroll down to the section titled “Making a quiz with Google Forms.”

Do you want to quickly assess your learners, in a teacher and user friendly format?

Creating your test or quiz with the WizIQ Test Creator is so easy. In just moments, you can create and distribute a multiple choice test. Scroll down to the section title “Making a test with WizIQ.”

Making a Quiz with Google Forms

Let me describe the test that I want to create. I am going to be teaching both social studies and vocabulary, so I wanted to develop a template that would be useful for both courses. I wanted the test template to:

  • Share the results with me in an easily accessible format:  The “Forms” tool on Google Drive is ALL ABOUT making the results quickly and easily available to the person who creates the form. Answers come in a spreadsheet. You simply scroll through the results and you can see how students responded to any question.
  • Ask one question at a time: I do not want to have a kid sit in from of a computer screen and click through 10 questions at once. The process of submitting an answer and waiting for the next question to appear slows a student down a bit. I also want to be able to personalize the quiz, with occasional words of encouragement.
  • Use friendly colors: Google Forms let you change the back ground colors and styles to make sure that the test is not intimidating to a young learner. While it may seem a bit silly, the decorations matter! Everyone does better on a test when they are at ease.
  • Be easily accessible to students: Google Forms can be shared with a link or an embed code in a class blog.

To Create a Quiz in Google Forms

When you are creating a quiz, you are essentially creating a form. When the students submit an answer, they are taken to the next page. When they have completed the test, they submit it, and the answers appear before you in a spreadsheet.

Here is how:

  1. Log into your Google Drive Account (which is your Gmail Account), and click on forms. image1

  2. Choose a title and theme. Make it fun!


  1. Fill out the blank fields. Your first question should be to identify the student.


  1. We are ready to create the first question. Because I want a new page for each question, I am going to insert a new page by clicking on “Page Break” in the “Insert” menu.


  1. Then, I will insert a “Multiple Choice” question, by returning to the “Insert” menu and scrolling to “Multiple Choice.”

image5You can choose to insert many different kinds of questions. Students’ responses can be in text, paragraphs, choose from a list, etc.

  1. Insert the question and potential answers. (Note: I took the vocab words from, which is a vocabulary program that literally donates free rice to world hunger organizations for each correct word that you choose.)


  1. If you want to send the students to different pages, based on their answer, you can do so.

  2. Now you can create another question page. Remember to first press “Page Break” and then “Multiple Choice” from the Insert menu.


  1. Continue to create questions for each item that you want to test the students on.

  2. When you are finished, you simply click “Send Form.” You are given both a live link, as well as an embed code, if you want to use it on a class blog.

  3. Your students complete the quiz and you get their responses, neatly organized into a spread sheet.

  4. It couldn’t be easier. It is also easy to grade the quizzes. This is an absolutely rocking video created by Mark Wagner showing just how easy it is to grade the quizzes.

While I demonstrated how to create a simple quiz, you can also include pictures, audio links and many different kinds of questions. There is a lot of room to experiment and explore.

Making a Test with WizIQ

WizIQ has a really great, really easy test-creator that is entirely integrated into the WizIQ system. You do not need to learn how to grade anything with spread sheets. It is all done for you.

Since it is entirely within the WizIQ system, you do not have to do anything special to make it available to your students. You simply create it, and publish it. Another bonus is that, because you can make it public, it can serve to bring publicity to your course. Someone might search for a test to see if they know enough about molecular biology. They will find your quiz, and see that you are teaching a course on what they need to know. Then, they can contact you to take the course (here is a post I wrote about creating simple quizzes to get students for your online course).

Here is how you do it:

  1. Go to your WizIQ home page, and scroll down to “Create Test.”


  1. You will be taken to this form:


3. Create your questions:

image104. After you have added five questions, you can click “next” which will take you to this page. You can either publish it now or publish it later.


5. After you publish it, you will be given a URL link as well as the option to include it in a course.


6. You can now share it with your learners! You get the results as a percentage of the questions that the students got correct.

With both Google Drive and WizIQ test creator, assessing your learners becomes easy. Say goodbye to paper. Say goodbye to correcting. Carefully design your assessments and let these tools do the work.

If you need help creating quizzes in the WizIQ test creator, send in your queries at


I am a teacher, hiker, mother, dancer and home-maker. I have taught pre-school through SAT prep. I am exploring ways to create on-line learning communities for home-schooled middle school and high school students. In particular, I am starting a low-residency on-line middle school. I would like to help young people explore important ideas while enjoying their lives! You can learn more about my programs at

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  1. I guess there are more friendly Quiz making tools available. I have been using ProProfs Quiz Maker for a long time and my learners are more than happy. It is full with almost every other feature that is required for creating all type of quizzes and most features are free. 😀

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