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How to create video courses from PPT

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If you’ve ever been subjected to a “Death by PowerPoint“ experience, you have my sympathies. Tolstoy will excuse me if I paraphrase him – “All engaging PPTs are alike; each badly designed PPT is bad in its own way.” Bad PPTs can take all sorts of forms – from presentations that go on way too long to slides that don’t make any sense, to horrible choices of fonts and sizes. When such shabbily designed PPTs are used in self-paced courses, it leads to less engaged learners. One of the easiest ways to remedy is turning this PPT into a video course. If you’re wondering how to make PowerPoint presentations engaging or how to create video courses from PPT, continue to read.

To convert PPT into a video, you can record the narration of the points included in the presentation. While you can focus on being short and brief, and only mention the highlights in the PPT, you can dive as deep as you prefer into the concept when narrating. The detailed narration would help viewers gain in-depth knowledge of the topic without the assistance of an instructor. Also, you can create many such videos and put them together into a video-based course to open a passive income stream.

Your focus will still include the core content you want to share with your audience, but it can be enhanced with audio tracks that can contain music or voices. Even better, you can schedule action points, which can be everything from a slide automatically changing – no pointer/clicker needed! – to an animation or even a video clip playing. All of these features are things that the average PowerPoint lacks, and all of them can turn yet another dull lecture into something people are not only paying attention to but talking about later with their colleagues. There are several other reasons why videos are preferred over PPTs.

Why create video courses from PPTs

Why create video classes or why to convert PowerPoint presentations to videos? Because videos are more engaging than any other form of content. The other reasons include:

1. 2It’s unexpected – therefore exciting: Members of your audience may have low expectations of any sort of scheduled presentation, but they still may attend out of obligation or a work requirement. But hearing “this will be better than any PowerPoint” could get people curious enough to pay attention.

2. Less technical interaction required: It’s easier to play a video rather than navigating a PowerPoint. Your audiences won’t have to hit “next” with every slide or lose your place. This stays true even when you turn the presentation into a video. Just queue it up and let them enjoy watching it.

3. Ease of information consumption: Your PowerPoint may work better if you’re there to explain things live. But your recorded voice can be part of a narrative video file or embedded video. This way, if you create video lectures from PPT, anyone can watch your video anytime. Even when they’re learning on their own, they will be able to access the narration from the instructor, which is you.

4. Ease of change: Just like PowerPoint, elements of your video can always be moved, removed or updated. Since there are different tracks, it’s not hard to adjust a few photos or slides, but still keep the same video sequence and cues. Or start from scratch with the same slides but convert PPTX into video with new audio.

5. Better options: PowerPoint makes improvements in each version. For instance, PowerPoint for Office 2016 includes more templates and clip art to make slides more visually appealing. But a tool for creating video from PPT offers you more options and flexibility.

How to create video courses from PPT for free

Being able to create video lectures from PowerPoint isn’t hard either. A free PowerPoint-to-video converter, for instance, can take your slides you’ve already made and enhance them with audio. You get people fired up with peppy music or bring them down with something a little more mellow and serious.

The more advanced software allows you to record your own voice so you can narrate. Sure, it can blow people’s minds if you’re doing the presentation as well, but that’s another feature that can keep people from tuning out the minute the lights go down. With a narrated video, you’ll also have a video file you can show and share or even export to free video hosting sites like YouTube. This even makes it easier for others to tune into.

If you’re an instructor and are looking to create self-paced tutorials to make an easy money, you may find this guide on “how to create video lectures from PowerPoint” quite useful. You don’t need to be technically sound to create video lectures from PowerPoint. Nor do you need to spend any money. Simply download WizIQ Recordor and start. Let’s see how:

Step #1: Download WizIQ Recordor

WizIQ Recordor is an easy-to-use authoring tool for instructors to create video assets from presentations. To start, go to WizIQ, and click on ‘Download Recordor.

WizIQ recordor

Once you click, it directs you here, giving you two choices:

  1. Windows 32 bit
  2. Windows 64 bit

WizIQ recordor


Before you choose either of the two options, find out what your Microsoft Office supports. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open any PowerPoint presentation in your system.
  2. Click on ‘about PowerPoint’.
  3. Check if it 32-bit or 64-bit and download the WizIQ recorder accordingly.
Step #2: Install WizIQ Recordor

To begin with, make sure no Microsoft Product is open. Open the downloaded file and click on ‘save’.

opening WizIQ recordor


This pops the moment you hit ‘save file’.

ppt to video

Hit ‘next’ to start the installation and pass through the License Agreement that pops almost instantly.

ppt to video creation

Accept the terms of the license agreement and hit ‘next’. Make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully. Select the destination folder to save the file. By default, it chooses ‘Program Files’. You can browse and choose a different destination.

video course creation

Hit ‘next’ to see the installation progress.

video creation

When the installation is complete, the InstallShield Wizard Completed opens up. Click on ‘finish’ to exit the wizard.

WizIQ Recordor is now available as a desktop shortcut.

Step 3 # Launch WizIQ to set your preferences

Launch WizIQ Recordor either from the ‘Start’ menu or desktop shortcut.

launch video

Click on ‘Open Powerpoint’ to open a presentation that you want to convert into a video.

open powerpoint

When you open a PPT, the WizIQ Recordor reflects in the ribbon on the top as ‘WizIQ Recordor’ add-in or plug-in.

wiziq recorder

Click on ‘WizIQ Recorder’ and sign up to start using it. It’s a one-time process and takes no more than 30 seconds.

wiziq signup

Once you’re logged into WizIQ Recordor, click on settings to set your preferences.

  1. Change the camera settings.
  2. Choose microphone and set the volume.
  3. Choose where you want your video to appear.

recording prefernces




Click ‘Next’ for advanced settings. Set your recording preferences. Make decisions regarding:

  1. Whether you want to keep the video public or private
  2. Whether you want to make it a download-able or un-download-able asset
  3. Whether you want to upload the captured video to WizIQ or on your system to view in the offline mode

wiziq recordor setting

Step #4: Use WizIQ to create narrated PPTs

You can record both audio and video with WizIQ Recordor. Once you’ve set your preferences, click on record.

wiziq recordor started


recordor screen

Video capture starts in 5 seconds. Once you’re through, it starts processing your recording after you click on ‘end’.

wiziq recordor

The best part is WizIQ Recordor allows you to accept or discard the capture. If it looks fine, you can move ahead and upload the narrated video. Alternatively, you can discard it, if you’re not satisfied with it and re-record. You also have the option to re-record particular slides. Simply select the slides manually and re-record.

wiziq recordor

Once you are done with the recording, you can share it with the world via email.

share recording

To upload the video or narrated PPT to WizIQ courses, provide the details, such as title, description and course name and click on ‘share’.

recording uploading


Check out the infographic below for a quick summary of the above article. Also, here is the download link for the PDF version.

create video course

Happy recording!

Shivani Sharma

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  1. Dear Shivani, Thank you for the useful information, Just now downloaded the soft. and will get you back for any further issues if I come a cross.


  2. Hi, I’m using 2 monitors and Recordor is unable to handle this situation – during video recording, it merges the 2 screen into 1.
    OS: Win 10 64bit
    Video: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 750 Ti

  3. Hi Shivani,

    So wonderful and delighted. THough the webcam output was not good due to software problems, yet i am pleased with the tool.

    Please tell me what i have to do for publishing it professionally in social media and websites. Your advice is required at the earliest for me to start my activities. To be honest i am quite new to publishing in social media.



    1. Hi Thamilagaran,

      Glad to know that you liked it.

      The webcam output is good unless you have forgotten to change the settings. Suggest you check the webcam setting before you record the voice over.

      For publishing a video narration on social media sites, simply upload the file on YouTube or Facebook or wherever you wish to. It’s an MP4 file and can be uploaded from your system.

      Follow this path to find the recorded file in your system: C:\ProgramData\WizIQRecordor\

      The folder “Program Data” is hidden on your system by default. Hope this helps 🙂



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